System Integrator

The system integrator is typically tasked with analysing a client situation, designing a solution and then selecting and integrating the technology and services required to deliver the solution.

If every client was the same then a limited range of ‘cookie cutter’ solutions would be all that is needed to meet the demands of cloud adopters. However, this is not the case and systems integrators continue to thrive and provide a valuable service for their clients.

It is in the interests of systems integrators and their clients to ensure that the solutions that they deliver support the current and future needs of the business. This means ensuring that there is no proprietary lock in, that the solution delivered improves business agility, is extensible and meets the demands for improved productivity; decreasing cost of operations and rapid configuration and deployment. The cloud orchestration portal is the fulcrum around which all cloud services are provisioned, deployed, managed, monitored and billed. To support the current and evolving needs of business it is vital that the cloud orchestration solution selected is not restricted, is vendor agnostic and promotes orchestration across multiple private, public and hybrid clouds.

In a world where major hardware vendors are pushing proprietary solution stacks it is vital that systems integrators differentiate their solutions by selecting a cloud orchestration tool with great functionality that can be deployed across whatever vendor infrastructure is required.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is the logical choice in terms of functionality, quality, extensibility, range of vendors supported and cost.


Challenges within the Cloud Computing Industry
  • System integrators need to differentiate their solutions based on the impact delivered to their clients’ businesses
  • Mainstream vendor solution stacks restrict business agility, tend to be overly expensive, and tend not to operate across the range of private, public and hybrid cloud models that clients will require
  • Systems integrators require vendor solutions and vendor organisations that are leaders and experts in their field to ensure that they can bring to their clients the greatest value
  • Systems integrators need their vendors to work with them as they build individualised commercial models for each stage of the project from proof of concept through to full client implementation.


Opportunities in Cloud Computing
  • To secure additional cloud projects as demands increases and to be the trusted advisor for clients by delivering differentiated, higher impact solutions at the most attractive price points
  • To ensure that clients realise the agility, productivity, cost reduction and business gains promised by cloud solutions
  • To work with commercially supported software that is feature rich, simple to use, highly customisable, multi-platform and attractively priced
  • To work with a solution partner that is a leader in the field of cloud computing and cloud orchestration and who delivered the first public cloud services in Europe.

Required Solution:

Required Solution
  • A solution partner with ability to work with the system integrator to ensure that the benefits that the client wants to realise are released early in the integration project
  • The ability to utilise existing hardware while improving overall efficiency
  • Self –service flexible provisioning
  • Customisable product management
  • End to end metering and billing
  • Hypervisor agnostic solution providing a single pane of glass management portal and preventing proprietary lock in
  • Highly scalable
  • No need to change business practices unless you want to
  • A highly customisable user interface
  • Ability to support reseller channels
  • Access to an ecosystem of partners to allow ability to construct and sell new services ‘out of the box’ and configure unique additional services

Benefits of working with Flexiant:

Benefits of working with Flexiant
  • Enter a rapid growing market and secure new revenue generating projects
  • Continue to service existing customers and deliver a solution that will adapt to their changing demand
  • Increase margin on projects
  • Differentiate solutions and bids
  • Create the agility necessary to respond immediately to future opportunities and threats


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