Flexiant has learned to think deeply about how the market might use the solutions that we create but even we are surprised at times by the extent to which our software supports complex, multi-level channel models that we had not envisaged.

We are working with a number of distributors who sell digital solutions through n-tier reseller channels and then on to end customers. The compute, storage and networking topology for these businesses is ideal for cloud adoption.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is unique in its ability to help distributors define, meter and bill cloud services across an unlimited number of multi-level, go to market organisations. As a result, we are witnessing increasing demand, from distributors and resellers of third party solutions, for the use of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as the primary tool for realising the benefits of cloud deployment across their complex range of multi-level market relationships.

At a time of economic challenge it is vital that distributors gain competitive differentiation. Using the power of the cloud and the agility of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator helps achieve this differentiation.


Challenges within the Cloud Computing Industry
  • Benefit from cloud models of operating without compromising the existing business processes
  • Improve margins without the need for significant investment
  • Improve services and seek new revenue generating opportunities
  • Secure the opportunity to increase agility, improve productivity, eliminate cost and improve the services to vendors, resellers and their clients.


Opportunities in Cloud Computing
  • To define a cloud solution with unrestricted cloud orchestration that will become the primary catalyst for business and margin improvement
  • To utilise the power of the cloud in support of sales and fulfilment across multi-tiered channel relationships
  • To massively simplify the metering and billing processes across multi-tiered channel relationships
  • To create a range of services that can scale to meet demand and that can be provisioned on a utility basis
  • To differentiate, increase revenue and increase margins.

Required Solution:

Required Solution for Distributors
  • A simple to use cloud orchestration tool that manages complexity without user intervention
  • Cloud orchestration that is hypervisor agnostic, support multiple clusters and is highly scalable
  • A highly customisable user interface
  • Fine grained permissions and access controls for users and groups
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Multi-level enterprise metering and billing
  • Supports private, public and hybrid cloud orchestration
  • No need to change business practices unless you want to
  • Highly extensible
  • The ability to define individual workload placement (especially in highly regulated environments)
  • Access to an ecosystem of partners to allow ability to construct distributable images and applications ‘out of the box’.

Benefits of working with Flexiant:

Benefits of working with Flexiant
  • Improved productivity and decrease costs
  • Capex avoidance
  • Do more with the same
  • Improve business agility
  • Support the complex channel relationships and be able to meter and bill accurately
  • Give users the ability to have the services they need when they need them.

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