Use Case Videos

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is the simple tool to build, launch and grow your cloud Infrastructure as a Service business.

Want to see how easy it is to use?

We’ve put together five bite size videos that demonstrate how Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator works in different use cases.

FCO 101

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator 101

Watch this short video for a whistle stop tour on the basics of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, what it looks like, the dashboard and a few key features.

FCO Create a Server

Creating a Server

This video shows you how straightforward it is to create a server to your own requirements. Retaining full control of server specifications like CPU, disk size, network, and firewall has never been simpler.

FCO Product Catalogue

Configuring, Consuming & Billing a Product Catalog

Here we demonstrate the power of the product catalog. You can define the availability and pricing for every consumable resource in the platform, such as server running time, disk space or network I/O.

Infrastructure Blueprints

One-Click Infrastructure Blueprints

Check out how our infrastructure blueprints deliver the unique ability to create, store and share templates of application-ready environments. Using our one-click deploy capability, all tasks are automated and repeatable with minimum effort.


Acronis Back up as a Service Integration

Acronis Backup Cloud is now available as a new add-on service for the Flexiant platform. Watch this short video to see how easy it is to protect your data.

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