Learning Zone - Moving Beyond VPS


How to Differentiate Cloud Services

William Fellows, VP of Research at 451 Group, teamed up with Tony Lucas, Flexiant Founder and Product Champion, for a webinar.


White Papers

VPS and Beyond Part 1

VPS and Beyond Part 1: Why Moving to an IaaS Offering will Pay Dividends

In the first installment of a three part white paper series, Flexiant will explain the journey service providers can take to move from virtual private servers to cloud services to future-proof their business.

VPS and Beyond Part 2

VPS and Beyond Part 2: Why IaaS will Solve Problems Beyond VPS

In the second of a three part series, Flexiant addresses the problems IaaS is solving beyond VPS and what this means for the service provider by showcasing five areas where IaaS is better equipped to meet the requirements of a cloud service provider’s customers and business.

VPS and Beyond Part 3

VPS and Beyond Part 3: Transitioning From VPS Services to IaaS

A large proportion of the service provider market has not yet developed a true cloud offering. These organizations remain at the virtualized level with virtual private servers (VPS) masquerading as cloud services. Learn why IaaS is the starting point from which to grow Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and (Software-as-a-Service) SaaS solutions.