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Cloud Billing Pitfalls

5 Cloud Billing Pitfalls All Service Providers Should Avoid [Infographic]

When it comes to billing for cloud services, it’s a tricky business. Sometimes complexity can take over causing services to not be billed for correctly. And as we all know, if you are not billing properly, you are most likely losing money or customers.

Here is our latest infographic featuring five cloud billing pitfalls we believe every service provider should avoid based on our experience.


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Podcast: Metering and Billing Q&A with Tony Lucas

In this podcast Tony Lucas discusses Metering & Billing and answers the questions: Why do I need Metering & Billing? What options are available to me for being able to Meter & Bill? What cloud resources can I bill for? Listen now.


10 biggest Metering and Billing mistakes

Avoid the 10 biggest Metering and Billing mistakes that Cloud Service Providers make.

If you are considering selling cloud services or are already doing so, you need to get to grips with metering and billing.


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Cloud Billing Pitfalls

Cloud Billing Pitfalls: The Nitty Gritty of Overcoming These

In this white paper, we highlight common pitfalls in cloud billing systems, and explain how Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator can be used to help to solve them.

Metering and Billing

Why Service Providers Need Granular Metering and Billing for Cloud Services

Understand how you can build a cloud-specific billing system that keeps pace with the demand of cloud services and your customers.