Hypervisor Comparison: KVM, Xen, VMware, Hyper-V

There are many considerations when selecting a hypervisor such as the performance, how mature the technology is, how it integrates with existing systems, the commercial implications and guest and functionality support. In our latest white paper, we put together a guide that sets out to help you select the most appropriate hypervisor.

Within the paper, we compared four major hypervisors – KVM, Xen, VMware and Hyper-V. Here is a snapshot of the hypervisors we reviewed and a bit about each:


KVM logo

KVM – a Linux based open source hypervisor. First introduced into the Linux kernel in February 2007, it is now a mature hypervisor and is probably the most widely deployed open source hypervisor in an open source environment. KVM is used in products such as Redhat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV).

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A long answer to a very good question

Here’s a really interesting question posted in our forum about Minimum CPU Level. I felt that it needed a thorough answer, so you can read both of them here.
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