Tony Lucas to Speak at Web Summit 2013

Flexiant’s Tony Lucas will join a panel at Web Summit, on Wednesday 30th October at 10:40, to discuss, ‘Do You Manage Your Cloud or do the Technologies Manage You?’.

Web Summit Tony Lucas Flexiant

Tony will be joined alongside panelists Bernino Lind, COO of CloudSigma, Horacio Gonzalez-Velez, Head of Cloud Competency Centre & Associate,  Ruediger Baumann, CEO of Zimory and Russel Acton, Head of EMEA for Pivotal.

‘The Summit is a global gathering of the world’s leading thinkers and doers in technology. It’s not just a gathering of the planet’s leading startups and technology companies, but of businesses, large and small, who are being impacted by new technologies. This year over 10,000 attendees will make the trip from all corners of the globe to hear from over 300 speakers across dozens of stages, workshops and roundtables catered to every sector.’

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Tony Lucas to Present at EuroCloud Congress

Every year, the leaders of the European cloud industry gather together at the EuroCloud Congress, an event fully dedicated to the European cloud computing sector. It is the place to meet with business leaders, policy makers and researchers engaged in cloud computing and applications from across Europe. It will examine the role that political, industrial and economic policy can play in cloud’s successful growth and global impact.

Euro Cloud Flexiant

Tony Lucas, Founder and SVP Product at Flexiant will present the session ‘Multi Tenant, Multi Tier & Multi National billing: Pipedream or possible?’ on Wednesday 16 October at 2pm.


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Deep Dive into Flexiant: Dummy Hypervisors

We spend a lot of time on the Flexiant blog discussing issues that are important to the service provider community. Today I continue my deep dive series that recap some of the features in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator in more detail. This will provide our end-users and potential customers with the deep dive insight into how our software brings specific value to the business.

Today’s post I’m discussing dummy hypervisors.

image provided by machernucha Tardis

Dummy Hypervisors: What is it?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator supports the ability to have a dummy or fake hypervisor.  These are still real machines (although they can be VMs themselves) that act like normal compute nodes in every way apart from when starting VMs, mapping existing disks etc.  Dummy hypervisors also enable you to start them up with false amounts of RAM and CPU for testing purposes (outlined in more detail below), thus enabling you to build that (fake) megacluster you always wanted!

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GigaOm Structure:Europe: Flexiant vs. OnApp- Two Different Visions

This morning I was part of a panel debate hosted by GigaOM’s David Meyer and joined by OnApp CEO Ditlev Bredahl. A quick poll of the audience showed a number of service providers in the room looking to understand how to take on Amazon (the title of the session after all was Amazon vs. the world: How can cloud service providers compete?).

I thought I’d take a minute to highlight what we agreed and disagreed on:


1) We agree that service providers can no longer be complacent in thinking that they have lots and lots of time to do something about cloud. And while it is widely agreed that cloud is as Barb Darrow said in her earlier session with Dell ‘in the second inning, it is not feasible for service providers to hang about either investigating options or building their own platform’. They need to make a decision and need to do it now.

2) We also agree that service providers need to identify what makes them special, what is there position of strength. Is it customer service, location, performance, value added service. The difference in opinion is then on how you grow beyond your specialty.

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GigaOm: Structure:Europe Dude, it’s the Dell Cloud.

Earlier at #structureeurope is Nnamdi Orakwue, VP, Cloud, Dell and Barb Darrow to discuss the Dell cloud strategy. Nnamdi talked about the fatigue from vendor lock in and that with tricky pricing and complexity from the cloud era, companies are struggling to find cloud vendors to support their business. Barb summarized this as the same people that fear vendor lock in in IT, now fear it in the cloud.

GigaOm StructureNnamdi then talked about Dell’s need to take a different approach to cloud and one that included a partner approach. See our news on this here. His point was that Dell wants to work with experts so for example, they work with a French partner that knows the ins and outs of the country and can support customers with that level of detail combined with Dell solutions.

Lastly, the discussion turned to OpenStack. Nnamdi said “Dell loves OpenStack; it’s fantastic and graining great market traction.” He explained that Dell has banks, for example, coming to the business already doing ‘things’ with OpenStack and that Dell is in the fortunate position to sit on top of all of this. The overall goal is that ‘the customer should win.’

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