10 Biggest Cloud Metering and Billing Mistakes that Service Providers Make

In recent weeks I have been blogging a lot about metering and billing issues in response to some of the issues raised by readers of our white paper on the subject. As a result of feedback I I would like to invite everyone reading this blog to register for our forthcoming free webinar on the subject.

If you are considering selling cloud services or are already doing so, you need to get to grips with metering and billing. Our webinar has been created to meet a rising demand among our readers, who are eager to learn more about the common pitfalls in metering and billing.

You will discover that some of your assumptions on what is required to be successful will be proven wrong. For instance, we will explain why you may need to generate up to 3,000 times more customer records than an average mobile phone operator and the implications of doing so.

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