451 Research on The Rise of Spark

Cloud management

Last week we hosted a webinar between 451 Research and IBM about Big Data and the Rise of Spark. Here is a summary of some of what Donnie Berkholz, Research Director, Development, DevOps & IT Ops had to say on the topic.
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How to use Spark across any cloud with Flexiant Concerto

Flexiant Concerto

Yesterday we held a webinar with 451 Research and IBM about Big Data and the Rise of Spark.

The emergence of large scale Big Data projects continue to grow. This has fueled the need to process Big Data faster and is accelerating the adoption of new approaches and technologies. One such technology exploding in 2015 is Apache Spark.
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July Newsletter: Your Guide to Changes in the Cloud

July Newsletter

Each month we strive to bring you the latest developments in cloud computing. And that’s why tomorrow we have invited 451 Research and IBM to discuss why you should care about big data and the rise of Spark. Stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry by registering now.

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451 Research, IBM and Flexiant Discuss the Rise of Spark [Webinar]

Cloud Webinar

Whether you are in DevOps, are a cloud service provider, a data engineer or a data scientist, you need to stay informed of emerging technologies and trends creating additional or new opportunities for you.

We have put together a compelling and interactive webinar to discuss Big Data and the rise of Spark on July 30, 2015 at 14.00 EST (11:00 PST). During the webinar, listen to a discussion between 451 Research, IBM and Flexiant to find out what these trends mean for you.
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A Telecom Operator’s Checklist to the Cloud

Telecom Operator

Declining revenues, economic challenges, technology transformation and price competition are all contributors to the rapidly changing telecom industry alongside the evolving requirements of customers. As telecom operators look to transform to overcome these challenges, the cloud has become ever more important. The cloud enables telecoms to support businesses and consumers in our anywhere, anytime culture. It also enables them to reinvent their business and their role in this technology transformation. Support for digital services, the Internet of Things (IoT), next generation services and even Over The Top (OTT) cloud services are major opportunities for telecoms.
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