Cloud Billing ‘How To’

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Cloud billing can be tricky, quirky result in many common pitfalls. We’ve put together a library of cloud billing resources to help service providers and telcos overcome common problems.

The Worst Cloud Billing Pitfall You Can Make

The worst cloud billing pitfall you can make is clearly not understanding what your customers are using and therefore not billing correctly. Why offer a service after all if you cannot monetize it properly? Billing keeps your cloud business ticking, yet the process for it is often one of the last things to be considered when building out a new cloud service. We believe there are five cloud billing pitfalls all telcos and cloud service providers should avoid.
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Advice for Public Cloud Resellers

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Looking to offer cloud to your clients without the large capital expenses associated with building and maintaining your own infrastructure? Alternatively, are you looking to resell your public cloud services? We’ve put together a library of resources that offer advice for cloud providers wanting to resell services. You’ll get tips on the ‘must haves’ needed to support a reseller channel, see questions you need to ask before partnering with a provider and learn how some companies are already doing it.


Three Questions Resellers Should Ask before Partnering with a Cloud Provider

96 percent of resellers now offer some form of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) to their customers to a greater or lesser degree, according to global research.
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Why Tierpoint Buying Windstream is Important for Telcos

Cloud Orchestration

News this week that cloud service provider TierPoint has entered into a definitive agreement with comms vendor Windstream to buy its data center business for a pure cash transaction of $575 million marks continued change for the telco industry.
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3 Tools Everyone in the Telco-Cloud Industry Should Be Using

Cloud Orchestration

If you are a telco in the cloud space or trying to get in it and make a big difference quick, here are three tools you need in your arsenal.

  1. Mature Cloud Management – If you are developing your own cloud management tool or experimenting with OpenStack to get a commercial offer to market – stop what you are doing! You are going to waste valuable time and money and in the meantime, your competitors are going to take over the market. Consider that globally a new telco service is now launched every working day of the year according to Ovum. If you wait, you’ll lose money – and that is a certainty. Don’t gamble on your cloud management tool. Instead, select a mature, well-tested and scalable solution.

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