Thoughts from Structure 2014: Enterprise Cloud, IoT and OpenStack

This year’s GigaOm Structure 2014 event focused on three main themes. The first, the relationship between the enterprise and the cloud; the second the effect the Internet of Things will have on infrastructure; and the third OpenStack.

The conference took place in San Francisco and managed once again to gather industry leaders and visionaries in the computing infrastructure space. While I’m not going to give you a summary of all what has been discussed (you can find the complete coverage on GigaOm), there are some important takeaways to share.Structure

  1. Enterprises are not in the cloud

Despite Amazon Web Services CTO, Werner Vogels’ claims that enterprises are already on AWS – he specifically named some of them such as Netflix, Dropbox and Newscorp – we all understood how far those examples are from traditional enterprises with legacy workload. In fact, HP remarked how its daily talks with CIOs revealed how the percentage of enterprise applications running in the cloud is still on a single digit.

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Marco Meinardi on Why developers won’t go Straight to the Source

Last week, Flexiant announced its acquisition of Tapp technology platform and business. Our own Marco Meinardi, VP Product at Flexiant, takes a deeper look at the technology and why it is so beneficial to MSP’s on his blog. Read the post…

tapp-logo-flexiant-I’m so excited. Last Wednesday Flexiant  announced the acquisition of the Tapp technology platform and business. I met the guys behind it quite a while ago and I have never refrained from remarking how great their technology is (see here). I recognized a trend in their way of addressing the cloud management problem and I’m so glad to be part of it right now.

Disclaimer. I am currently the Vice President, Products at Flexiant. I have endorsed this acquisition and am fully behind the reasons and convinced of the potential of it. This is my personal blog and whatever you read here has not been agreed with my employer in advance and therefore it represents my very personal opinion.

Right after the acquisition (read more about it here) we heard tremendous noise on social networks and the press. David Meyer (@superglaze) of GigaOm in particular wrote up a few interesting comments and he picked up well the reasoning behind it, but he also ended the article with an open question:

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Breaking News! Flexiant Acquires Tapp Multi-Cloud Management Technology and Business

We believe that MSP’s are uniquely placed to capture cloud revenue and opportunity and that this market has been underserved. MSPs do not have the range of enabling software solutions needed to maximize their market position.


With their unique customer first view of service delivery rather than technology first, MSPs have a deep understanding of their customers’ business priorities and critical SLAs. Equally MSPs are expert at managing, on behalf of their customers, multiple, competing IT vendor relationships. It is a natural extension to this customer relationship to also offer customer services to transition to the cloud and to manage multiple cloud service providers. At the moment there are limited solutions to help the MSP manage the cloud services provider. This however is changing with our announcement today.

Today we have announced our acquisition of the Tapp multi-cloud management technology and business from Besol Sl that includes all staff and customers and a Seville based development center.

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