Review of Structure

Having just arrived back in the office after the inaugural Structure:Europe conference, I can honestly say it was a tremendous success. Two days of interesting and useful talks and presentations, alongside the highest quality networking (of the people kind that is!) that I’ve seen at a conference in Europe. Walking around the show was literally a who’s who of the key players in the industry from Europe and beyond.

My key takeaway from the show was around how cloud has moved on in some ways, and not so much in others.


I presented for 15 minutes on ‘Why ‘Cloudwashing’ Must Stop’, and one of the key highlights that resonated with other talks and panel presentations throughout the conference was how the technology behind delivering cloud services had very much matured in a number of areas; although some companies and products were still surprisingly lagging behind.

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Thoughts Following Structure: Europe Presentation

Following yesterday’s presentation at Structure: Europe where I presented on, ‘Why ‘Cloudwashing’ Must Stop’, here’s what a few influential people thought:

GigaOm’s Barb Darrow, has picked up on my presentation in her article ‘Why cloud washing is evil or at least annoying and potentially harmful’.

‘Lucas, the founder of Flexiant a cloud orchestration vendor, founder says traditional hosting companies and service providers are doing themselves harm by offering the same services they have for a decade or more, but advertising them as ”cloud” offerings.’

Graeme Burton also published an article, ‘Hosting companies offering ’10-year-old’ services as cloud’ and wrote:

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Tony Lucas at Structure: Europe

Tony Lucas presented at Structure: Europe, ‘Why ‘Cloudwashing’ Must Stop’. Watch the 15 minute presentation below and let us know what you think.