A Guide: How to Build IaaS Your Customers Want

Whitepaper Wednesday

As the public cloud market continues to mature, and the number of service providers offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) grows, customers are faced with more choice than ever before. As a result, service providers’ customers are increasingly savvy about what to look for when selecting an IaaS provider. Having a clear view of what criteria your potential cloud customers are basing their decisions on, and choosing a cloud orchestration and management platform that is designed to satisfy these criteria, is essential if you are to succeed in this space.

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Almost Half of UK Businesses to Make Big Cloud Platform Changes

Are You Selling Your Cloud for Too Little? A whopping 48% of UK businesses expect to make big changes to their cloud platforms in the next 12 months according to a Cloud Computing Intelligence (CCI) article.  If you are a service provider, what would happen if 48% of your business decided to go elsewhere? The article reported commissioned research by Adapt which revealed there is a clear mismatch between what UK businesses need versus what they actually get from their providers. Some results that should worry service providers showed that:

  • 75% of respondents do not feel their cloud provider really understands their business.
  • One in four respondents do not expect their service provider to be meeting their business needs within the next 12 months.

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The Cloud Battle Continues! Arm Yourself with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V4.2

With every release of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, we aim to set the standard for what service providers can expect from a cloud orchestration solution. Today is no different. Today, we have announced the release of version 4.2 of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator that continues to lead the market with innovative solutions for service providers. Read the full press release.

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Cloud Can’t Wait: Learn How Other Service Providers are Delivering Cloud

Cloud Orchestration Ventor
49% of companies are using cloud to fuel revenue generation or new product creation; and cloud computing is to become the bulk of new IT spending by 2016. There are opportunities to grow your business in specific markets, vertical industries and by targeting specific company departments.

So if you haven’t grabbed the market opportunity for your own business, you need to realize that cloud absolutely cannot wait – check out our latest infographic on the subject.
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Is Cloud Mainstream Yet?

At a recent conference Asher Baig, of GigaOm categorically stated that cloud is indeed now mainstream. I still think it is getting there for many use cases but that very soon the human change and adoption process will have accelerated and cloud consumption will be commonplace. Future of Cloud

It’s interesting to take a step back and look at the Internet. As Jeff Vance states, “Back in the mid-90s, the Internet was borderline useless for most people. There were no decent search engines, just aggregators that sorted popular sites into major categories like “sports” or “news,” and no decent mail clients, just so-so services from the likes of AOL and Prodigy.”

Cloud when first introduced was a bit like that as well. You had access to some hardware, but someone was handling it elsewhere. With some manual planning, some back and forth, you could actually get the resources you needed for a website launch (although this might have taken a few months). But that’s all changed – now you provision and de-provision, scale up and scale down all through one user interface whatever compute, storage or network resources you need – with a credit card.
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