Think You’re Cut Out for Doing Cloud? Take This Quiz

Cloud Resources

We are constantly advocating for hosting companies, service providers and telcos to move to the cloud. But maybe, just maybe, you are not cut out for cloud. Take our 5 question quiz to find out:

1. Do you have underutilized infrastructure?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I have no clue

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Flexiant Top 10 Cloud Resources of 2014

Cloud Resources

2014 is almost a wrap – can you believe it? With the year coming to a quick conclusion, we are looking back at the best resources of 2014. Here is our top 10 of 2014:

  1. A Guide to Network Scalability

This whitepaper helps service providers to understand what scaling network resources really means, the benefits of having a truly scalable cloud, and some of the considerations they need to be mindful of when planning their cloud deployment.
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The Importance of Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure for Service Providers


We recently highlighted five trends from Gartner that we think service providers need to consider for their 2015 business plan. This post focuses on the fourth trend we listed, “Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure”, covering the opportunities that this trend is creating for service providers.

What do we mean by software-defined applications? Traditionally, applications have been architected as a single, self-contained unit. Software-defined applications on the other hand, are made of a number of independent components known as microservices, that communicate with each other via Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, which opens up an enormous potential for automation both within and across applications in the cloud.

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Prevent Cloud Traffic Bottlenecks with Boundary and Flexiant Concerto

Next Generation App

You may have heard, already, but if not, we recently Flexiant Concerto, the simple solution to multi-cloud workload management and portability. We are so excited about the possibilities Flexiant Concerto opens to service providers and also the free integrations with best of breed partners we are providing to our customers via the platform.

When service providers want to leverage cloud giants, and select Flexiant Concerto to extend their services to the next generation application market, they can benefit from Boundary’s IT monitoring solution.
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451 Research’s Take on Flexiant Concerto


This month we launched Flexiant Concerto, the simple solution to multi-cloud workload management and portability. 451 Research analyst William Fellows recently spoke with us and got to see the platform in action.

The 451 Take is:

Flexiant is extending its opportunity from the creation of IaaS services using Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to the management and orchestration of multiple cloud services with Concerto. Rightly believing that this will be a multiplayer, multi-model sourcing world, it is delivering the ability for MSPs and telcos to manage workloads across multiple cloud vendors and geographies.

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