Cloud Billing ‘How To’

 Cloud Billing Images_of_Money

Cloud billing can be tricky, quirky result in many common pitfalls. We’ve put together a library of cloud billing resources to help service providers and telcos overcome common problems.

The Worst Cloud Billing Pitfall You Can Make

The worst cloud billing pitfall you can make is clearly not understanding what your customers are using and therefore not billing correctly. Why offer a service after all if you cannot monetize it properly? Billing keeps your cloud business ticking, yet the process for it is often one of the last things to be considered when building out a new cloud service. We believe there are five cloud billing pitfalls all telcos and cloud service providers should avoid.
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New Flexiant Feature: Multi-Tenant Load Balancer as a Service

Cloud Services

Service providers delivering cloud require a user-friendly solution to load balancing across their servers. At Flexiant, we continually aim to deliver against our service providers’ requirements, and so today we launch a fully integrated, multi-tenant Load Balancer as a Service.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator load balancers are deployed in redundant groups. These in turn can route traffic across backend servers according to various algorithms, such as round robin, or whichever server has the least number of connections on it.
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5 Reasons You Need Infrastructure Blueprints

Infrastructure Blueprints

Infrastructure blueprints are an important part of any service providers’ technology stack.

First, to ensure we are on the same page, I am referring to infrastructure blueprints in much the same way that blueprints are used in the construction industry. They contain all the key information and ‘bill of materials’ to successfully build and deploy applications in the cloud including server, software, storage, network, images and firewall details and how they relate together. 
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What a Roundtrip to Amazon and Back-Again Can Teach All Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Providers

Zynga, a leading developer of the world’s most popular social games took a roundtrip journey from the public cloud and back again reported The Wall Street Journal. Why the trip? Zynga built its business on the Amazon cloud. It then transitioned to a private set up after spending $100 million to build its own data centers to handle the bulk of its computing, but Zynga has now decided to return to Amazon.
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As Cloud Computing Prices Fall, the Whole Service Provider Industry to Change

Cloud has changed everything, for the better. Okay, maybe there is one exception – the price wars – the commoditization of cloud means the industry is going to battle over the price – after all every penny counts. And while everything has price wars – the latest TVs, mobile phone contracts, cars, homes (well almost everything, Apple does a great job steering clear of this), for cloud, the damage that these price wars can have on service providers could be significant.
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