DevOps & Cloud: A Match Made in Heaven


Gartner said in 2010 that “the DevOps philosophy was born primarily from the activities of cloud service providers as they worked to address scale-out problems due to increasing online service adoption.”

Fast-forward to today and Gartner defines DevOps as “a change in IT culture, focusing on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices…”
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The Markets The Cloud Giants Are Serving & Where To Compete

Next Generation App

Cloud service providers need to position themselves against the cloud giants. To do this, it is important to get an understanding of what market these giants are serving.

If you read my previous post on legacy vs. next generation apps, you’ll know that we believe there are two business strategies for cloud service providers:

  • Focus on migrating existing workloads (a focus on legacy apps)
  • Attract new workloads (a focus on next generation apps)

Today, while you consider what might be right for you (hint: attracting new workloads through next-gen app developers offers more advantages), you should also consider the markets your competitors, the giants are serving. Here is our quick key to the market.
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Lessons Learned from Rackspace’s IaaS Departure 

Whitepaper Wednesday When reading the Rackspace news the other week, I wondered to myself how many service providers were thinking – “If Rackspace, a billion dollar company, cannot compete with Amazon, then how can I?” The answer is you can’t! Now for those of you who follow Flexiant, this comment will come as a surprise, but hear me out first.

First, let’s look at Rackspace the business. The board is clearly putting pressure on it – a few months ago, it was up for sale, now instead with this announcement, it is shifting into higher margin services. Why? Because the business never found its position in the market and even Rackspace’s president, Taylor Rhodes, admitted Amazon whupped the company in an article appropriately entitled – “Rackspace president: Amazon whupped us. But now we’ve got a plan.”
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Q&A with Former International Leader of OpenStack for Rackspace

Brian Garvey has recently joined the Flexiant team as Director of Distribution & Channels. His previous experience included involvement as an international leader of OpenStack partnerships for Rackspace.

Garvey is well-placed to contrast the OpenStack and Flexiant solutions from his past experience. He worked at Rackspace for just under seven years first establishing the EMEA channel program and team, and then building a successful strategic alliances program that include companies such as Microsoft, Red Hat, Dell, HP and Cisco. Garvey also ran the Benelux region as country manager and in his final role worked in the International OpenStack team responsible for creating their international partner channel, promoting training and OpenStack meetups. In Garvey’s new role, he will help expand Flexiant’s distribution and channel opportunities for the service provider and telco markets.

Recently, we asked him a few question on video, but we also included some additional questions here.

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