Multi-Cloud: When to Use It and How to Get Started

It is critical for IT decision makers to develop an approach that allows them to maximize the benefits they can get from various clouds. This will ensure that their decisions around cloud map to their business goals, and provide their DevOps teams with the agility and velocity that they need to be most productive.

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New Video! acens Differentiates, Reaches New Markets with Flexiant Concerto


Spanish provider of cloud and hosting solutions since 1997, acens, a Telefonica company, had two challenges:

  • How to bring cloud to the mass market
  • How to extend its geographical research using cloud services from other providers

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Get Your Flexiant Concerto Promo Code While it Lasts!

Flexiant Concerto

Flexiant today has announced the commercial availability of Flexiant Concerto that offers DevOps cloud freedom to automate the build, deployment and operations of applications consistently across multiple clouds.

With this launch, we are offering for the next 7 days a promo code that lets you enjoy Flexiant Concerto at a massive discount.

The promotion code only lasts 7 days from March 25, 2015-March 31, 2015 and gives a massive, one-year discount for all customers who use the code and sign up within this 7-day period. So hurry up and sign up!
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Webinar: DevOps Learn to Use Chef Across Multiple Clouds Easily


DevOps wanting to benefit from Chef while enjoying cloud freedom need to join next week’s webinar as we discuss how to use Chef on any cloud. The webinar on Thursday, March 26 at 4.30 GMT features our own Javi Perez-Griffo, VP of Development and Alex Manly, Solution Architect at Chef.
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GoGrid Says a Single Data Center Won’t Meet Demands of Today’s Workloads


John Keagy, co-founder and  CEO of GoGrid, offered commentary to InformationWeek on the benefits of deploying workloads to more than one cloud service. In the commentary, he writes:

It’s no longer possible for a single data center to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated workloads…With the advent of the cloud, we now have access to the most advanced information architecture available for handling distributed workloads. The next evolution in cloud application architecture — multi-cloud application-stack deployments — helps ensure business continuity by freeing enterprises from the constraints of a single provider.
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