Walmart Moves to Unlock the Cloud; Another Reason for Multi-Cloud

Flexiant ConcertoLast week Walmart announced that it will open-source the cloud technology it has built up following its acquisition of startup OneOps roughly two years ago. The reason? It hates vendor lock-in. A CIO article said:

“Vendor lock-in has plagued the corporate world since well before the arrival of the cloud, but now — with ever more of today’s technology operating in an online environment dominated by providers such as Amazon Web Services — it’s taken on new urgency.”

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Flexiant Concerto: How to set up a Ruby on Rails stack

Flexiant Concerto

We recently published a blog on how you can use Flexiant Concerto to easily put together a LAMP stack and deploy your application on top of it. Today we will take a look at another very widespread application stack requirement, that of Linux, Apache, MySQL and Ruby on Rails (LAMR).
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It’s a Multi-Cloud World


This summer Google announced that HTC, the Taiwanese smart phone and tablet maker, is a big customer of Google Cloud Platform or GCP according to Fortune. But HTC isn’t only a GCP customer. John Song, HTC’s senior director of cloud computing said in the article that HTC also uses “cloud services from Amazon and Microsoft. Why? Because some clouds suit some jobs better than others.”

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August Newsletter: Innovation, Expertise and Rising Trends

July NewsletterProviding innovative and differentiated services is critical to cloud service providers surviving and thriving in today’s competitive landscape. This month we continued our promise to innovate on behalf of the service provider by providing a number of new Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator features.

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Cloud Experts Comment on the Technology and Skills DevOps Need to Future Proof for the Cloud

Expert Advice As part of our expert advice series, we asked some industry commentators what technology and/or skills do DevOps need to future proof for the cloud. Here’s what they had to say.

DevOps – the confluence of software development and IT operations – sort of embodies effective, efficient use of cloud computing resources. According to many of the case studies I’ve done, DevOps also often equates to an organization’s effort to future-proof itself, becoming more responsive to conditions, competitors, security and other issues.

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