This Week’s Interesting Cloud Insights for Service Providers and Telcos

In-The-News for Cloud Service Providers and Telcos

This week, we offer some news and blogs of interest for service providers and telcos. Hybrid cloud has really taken off, multi-cloud is complex to manage, cloud management deals validate adoption – oh and AWS had a birthday and was dumped in the same week. Read why how to choose the best cloud for your app, Verizon’s new cloud services path or continued security concerns.

Three hybrid cloud management issues and how to tackle them

Hybrid cloud gives enterprises the best of private and public cloud worlds. But effective management starts with addressing three key issues.

With the ability to combine private cloud and public cloud services with orchestration between the two, hybrid cloud gives enterprises the best of both worlds. But to fully realize the benefits of hybrid cloud, it’s important to implement hybrid cloud management practices that address three key issues: security, account management and billing, and resource provisioning. Read more at Search Cloud Computing.
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Cisco Purchase of CliQr Bad News or Shows Value is up the Stack?

Flexiant says value is up the stack

Last week Cisco announced its intent to acquire CliQr, an application-defined cloud orchestration platform to model, deploy and manage applications across bare metal, virtualized and container environments. News spread across the cloud world as you would expect highlighting the further consolidation of the cloud market. One opinion caught our attention.

David Linthicum published on InfoWorld his opinion that the purchase is bad news for enterprises. The planned acquisition he suggests isn’t great for IT shops pursuing a multi-cloud strategy. That tools like CliQr’s “are important important for enterprise admins to deploy and manage applications across the gamut of bare-metal, virtualized, and container-based environments. Such tools are particularly important when you use multiple cloud providers, as most enterprises should.”
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Telefónica Resells Cloud with Flexiant


William Fellows at 451 Research released his market impact report on Telefónica’s selection of Huawei’s OpenStack for its public cloud.

The 451 Take on the news? “Telefónica expects customers will want to use multiple cloud services, sourced together with business services, from a single front end and delivered to any channel. With the addition of the public Open Telefónica Cloud, the company becomes a ‘full service’ supplier. Telefónica is a significant second key reference customer for Huawei, as it brings its public-cloud experience in its home market to Europe and Latin America.”
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New Year, New Cloud?

Cloud Crystal Ball

As we all celebrated the beginning of 2016, many of us made New Year’s resolutions – lose weight, get organized, spend less, save more, enjoy life, stay fit. As I get back into the swing of things today, I started to think about the New Year’s resolutions you might make a work, and particularly related to Infrastructure as a Service – and the impact it may have on telcos and service providers.

As we begin 2016, how many organizations are taking a step back to look at their infrastructure and decide if this is the year to move to the cloud, is a hybrid approach best, is a multi-cloud approach better? This review of resources marks an opportunity for growth, or, for many telcos and service providers, the reality of lost customers.
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MODAClouds Concludes; Benefits Multi-Cloud Environments

Multi-Cloud Environments

We are very pleased to announce that after three years’ of intensive work, the MODAClouds project has reached its conclusion. For Flexiant, the MODAClouds project has been a great opportunity for us to explore the realm of multi-cloud environments.

MODAClouds has played a key part in understanding the opportunities of the multi-cloud market. This led to our acquisition of Besol Tapp in 2014 and the subsequent release of our cloud agnostic application deployment tool, Flexiant Concerto.
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