Walmart Moves to Unlock the Cloud; Another Reason for Multi-Cloud

Flexiant ConcertoLast week Walmart announced that it will open-source the cloud technology it has built up following its acquisition of startup OneOps roughly two years ago. The reason? It hates vendor lock-in. A CIO article said:

“Vendor lock-in has plagued the corporate world since well before the arrival of the cloud, but now — with ever more of today’s technology operating in an online environment dominated by providers such as Amazon Web Services — it’s taken on new urgency.”

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Get Your Flexiant Concerto Promo Code While it Lasts!

Flexiant Concerto

Flexiant today has announced the commercial availability of Flexiant Concerto that offers DevOps cloud freedom to automate the build, deployment and operations of applications consistently across multiple clouds.

With this launch, we are offering for the next 7 days a promo code that lets you enjoy Flexiant Concerto at a massive discount.

The promotion code only lasts 7 days from March 25, 2015-March 31, 2015 and gives a massive, one-year discount for all customers who use the code and sign up within this 7-day period. So hurry up and sign up!
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