Cloud Consolidation Continues with Datapipe’s Acquisition of GoGrid

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Last week Datapipe announced it has acquired infrastructure as a service provider GoGrid. The acquisition will boost Datapipe’s quest to become a global provider of managed services across workload types.

Datapipe has made some interesting and successful moves in the last year. It acquired Layered Tech to expand its AWS expertise and has become a leading Systems Integrator of cloud native apps. Now with the acquisition of GoGrid, it focuses on being the best cloud provider for the common problems of handling Big Data in the cloud.
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Marco Meinardi on Why developers won’t go Straight to the Source

Last week, Flexiant announced its acquisition of Tapp technology platform and business. Our own Marco Meinardi, VP Product at Flexiant, takes a deeper look at the technology and why it is so beneficial to MSP’s on his blog. Read the post…

tapp-logo-flexiant-I’m so excited. Last Wednesday Flexiant  announced the acquisition of the Tapp technology platform and business. I met the guys behind it quite a while ago and I have never refrained from remarking how great their technology is (see here). I recognized a trend in their way of addressing the cloud management problem and I’m so glad to be part of it right now.

Disclaimer. I am currently the Vice President, Products at Flexiant. I have endorsed this acquisition and am fully behind the reasons and convinced of the potential of it. This is my personal blog and whatever you read here has not been agreed with my employer in advance and therefore it represents my very personal opinion.

Right after the acquisition (read more about it here) we heard tremendous noise on social networks and the press. David Meyer (@superglaze) of GigaOm in particular wrote up a few interesting comments and he picked up well the reasoning behind it, but he also ended the article with an open question:

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