Cloud Orchestration Washing: 8 Questions to Ask Your Vendor

Cloud Orchestration Ventor

Fortunately for all of us, we have noticed that cloud washing is dying down. However, on the other hand, we have also noticed ‘cloud orchestration’ washing is on the rise. Over the last six months, there have been many announcements on new orchestration solutions most likely because people now recognize you cannot truly have a cloud services market offer without it.

So how does a service provider tell the difference between ‘cloud orchestration washing’ where a vendor puts together a few bits and pieces and names it orchestration vs. a true cloud orchestration solution?

Here are eight questions you should ask your cloud orchestration vendor before signing on the dotted line.

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Billing for Data Overload

Billing systems for service provider cloud products suffer a unique set of challenges due to the sheer amount of data they create. This blog sets out some of those challenges.

Data Overload by Blyzz

Cloud products are generally billed by usage. This means it is necessary to measure usage of a large number of virtual resources on the platform; for example the platform will typically measure how long each server is running, how many bytes have been transferred through each virtual network interface card, and so on. The sheer amount of data collected can be enormous.

To illustrate the data overload point, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator measures between 20 and 30 values per running server, and that measurement process is carried out roughly every ten minutes. For a moderate size cloud platform running 10,000 servers, which is about 36 million records an hour, or a billion records per month – if you kept them all. To have any hope of billing accurately, you need to ensure your metering system can scale to handle the above data.

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Thoughts from Telco Cloud World Forum

I recently attended Telco Cloud World Forum in London. Here is a summary of what the telco business owners told me their three biggest fears were, and then three myths that I feel need dispelling.

Telco Cloud World Forum

Three Biggest Fears

Time to Revenue: Many, scratch that, most telcos accept a slow and expensive time to revenue in creating IaaS product because that is the typical telco investment lifecycle. Business owners are seeing new companies getting to revenue quickly and inexpensively with vanilla IaaS platforms using standard equipment. They are worried they will be left behind by the new wave. See a recent blog post that echoes these sentiments ‘451 Group Identify the Biggest Risk to Cloud Service Providers.’

Metering and Billing: IaaS generates billions of records, so the challenge is two-fold: knowing what to charge, and then getting the information into your invoicing system in real-time. Business owners are concerned that this nut will be as tough to crack as traditional billing.

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8 Reasons You Will Want Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V3

We are really excited today as we have released our latest software to meet the needs and demands of hosting companies, service providers and telcos. We hope you take the time to look at our latest version and our new website.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V3 provides all of these organisations with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V3 will allow you to:


  1. Automate the Datacentre to Drive up Efficiency & Margin
  2. Grow Your Business Using Resellers
  3. Create Differentiated Products & Services
  4. Metering & Billing Accurately and Inline with Costs
  5. Delight Your Customers by Removing Common Pain Points
  6. Increase revenue by commercialising the cloud
  7. Have an agile cloud orchestration solution that can scale and flex to meet the changing needs of your evolving market
  8. Do all this without changing the core underlying technology investments

Throughout the next few weeks you’ll see a flourish of activities and blogs highlighting the features and business benefits of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V3. We do hope you take a look – see what is possible with FCO V3 now, or join us in a demo.

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