Delivering Applications, not Infrastructure

The most amazing thing about a mature Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform is not its own capabilities. Rather it is the new business models, flexibility and agility that IaaS enables to be built on top of it.

Along the same line, it’s important to remember that whenever a new IT requirement is created, whether for cloud, dedicated servers, or otherwise at the end of the day it is to run an application of one kind or another.

Thanks to companies like Apple, users have become used to the ability to request or download an application and have it delivered instantly, with all the complicated configurations hidden away from them. Now, these users expect the same with their corporate internal applications as well.

Traditional IT will often struggle with this, not least because provisioning can take weeks if not months. There is also no easy way for end users to be able to see what services they are allowed to deploy in an application centric view.

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