Flexiant Top 5 Cloud Service Provider and Telco Resources of 2015


2015 is almost a wrap. With the year coming to a quick conclusion, we are looking back at the best resources of 2015. Here is our top five of 2015:

1. What Every Telecom Operator Should Know about the Cloud
Declining revenues, economic challenges, technology transformation and price competition are all contributors to the rapidly changing telecom industry alongside the evolving requirements of customers. As telecom operators look to transform to overcome these challenges, the cloud has become ever more important.
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Top 15 Cloud Blog Posts of 2015: Spark, Chef, Kubernetes, Hypervisors and More


Need some help with your cloud strategy? You’ve come to the right place. Our blog combines insights from experts across the cloud industry with a focus on telcos and service providers to help you grow your business. If you missed some of our blogs this year, check out our top 15 cloud blog posts of 2015.
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Containers vs Hypervisors and Other Considerations

Cloud Service Providers
A hypervisor is one of two main ways to segment a physical machine into multiple virtual machines; the other significant method is to use containers. A hypervisor segments the hardware by allowing multiple guest operating systems to run on top of it. In a container system, the host operating is itself divided into multiple containers, each running a virtual machine. Each virtual machine thus not only shares a single type of operating system, but also a single instance of an operating system (or at least a single instance of a kernel).

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