It’s all about that (Hybrid) Cloud

Next Generation App

You might be asking yourself what’s new with cloud adoption in 2015. This year cloud adoption might actually hit an all time high.

Those cloud providers with a dog in the fight believe Microsoft ending its support for Windows Server 2003 this July will greatly bolster cloud adoption among SMBs. They are eager to portray cloud as the most affordable way for companies with limited resources to refresh their IT infrastructure.
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IBM Questions the Political Debate on Public vs. Private Cloud

Public vs. Private Cloud

Two years ago we fired up the public vs. private cloud debate by publishing a blog “Private Cloud is Dead.” Yesterday, Wired published an article from IBM’s Jeff Borek entitled, “Public vs. Private Cloud? No Debate for the Savvy CIO” which much like a political commentary offers opposing views and asks what is the right answer.

Now the article is interesting and I’ll discuss that in a minute, but I’m surprised that we are still having this debate at such an elementary level. We are on a trajectory in favor of public clouds and hybrid clouds are likely to play a significant role as we travel this path. In fact, global spending on public cloud services reached US$45.7 billion last year and will experience a 23 percent compound annual growth rate through 2018, according to analyst firm IDC.

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Hybrid Cloud – A Key Route to Providing Public Cloud Services

I read with interest a blog post from Dave Bartoletti, an analyst at Forrester on cloud management in a hybrid world. He said:

Hybrid Cloud  ~yienshawn92~It’s inevitable that the future look of enterprise IT will be a hybrid mix of on- and off-premises services. 45% of companies rely on at least one Software-as-a-Service application today, and a third of companies are already using some form of Infrastructure-as-a-Service at Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, GoGrid, and the like…

Hybrid cloud shouldn’t add more management complexity, it should simplify IT operations. Get out ahead of the complexity that cloud introduces by taking a close look at your IT management processes now with a hybrid future in mind. One way to get to cloud faster is to not only look at the cloud as a place to build new applications, but a place to run existing applications more efficiently and effectively. Look for hybrid cloud solutions that extend the tools you already have in place today into the public cloud.

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New 451 Research Group Report Says Flexiant is a Double Threat

The 451 Group published its report, ‘Flexiant raises money, releases Cloud Orchestrator v3 with app provisioning ’ last week which investigates the latest version of our cloud orchestration software. The report says “Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator combines fundamental cloud enablement a la OpenStack with sophisticated management and automation. It’s a double threat.”


Following a number of briefings with Rachel Chalmers and other analysts at 451 Group, which included a product demonstration, detailed insight into our strategy, our company and our products and also direct contact with a customer, Rachel says:

We’ve struggled with how to categorize Flexiant. On the one hand, its software is called Cloud Orchestrator and it does overlap functionally with management and automation products like enStratus, Nimbula, ServiceMesh and VMware vCloud Director. On the other hand – and reflecting the company’s heritage – the software is also a true cloud OS, and is most often compared with CloudStack, OnApp and OpenStack. Whichever way you look at it, Flexiant is proving itself in the market.

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Flexiant Top 12 from 2012

2012 has brought many significant changes here at Flexiant! To start with, we now have offices in London, Edinburgh, and New York.

In addition to these shiny new offices, we’ve built two test labs for our software, one in Amsterdam and one in London, increased our partner base, grown our staff by a third—we needed to put that new office space to good use—and we’ve boosted our involvement with the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme by adding 3 new projects to our schedule.
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