HostingCon Europe: Is the Industry Innovating?

Public vs. Private Cloud

Last week I was fortunate to join and also host two panels at HostingCon Europe. My main takeaway is whether or not the hosting and service provider community is innovating.

Apps vs. Infrastructure

Service providers haven’t yet innovated enough for infrastructure services. In fact, many are still playing catch up. Some hosters have decided the way to innovate may well be through supporting container technology for packaging of applications, as service providers have a long history of using containers, although with less desirable business models for new customers today.

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‘Innovate or Die’ at HostingCon Europe 2014

Public vs. Private Cloud

In less than two weeks, Tony Lucas, Flexiant’s founder will moderate the ‘Innovate or Die’ panel discussion at HostingCon 2014 in Amsterdam on Oct 15, 2014. The session asks is the hosting industry innovating rapidly enough? Could traditional hosting be squeezed out by new entrants and market shifts towards SaaS and next generation cloud? This session will provide viewpoints and insights from all sides of the ecosystem. Panellists include Art Zelle, CEO,, Colin Humphreys, Founder & CEO, Cloud Credo and Gordon Plant, VP Product, Basekit.
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Is the Hosting Industry Coming to an End? Not an End, an Evolution

The key theme at HostingCon 2014 this week was how the hosting industry is changing dramatically. One area of particular focus was whether or not the hosting industry is coming to an end and what happens then?


The panel discussion featuring Philbert Shih – Structure Research, Kenny Li – Cloud Spectator, Al Sadowski – 451 Research and Ashar Baig – GigaOM crystallized the conversations and sentiment heard in conversations throughout the conference:

Is the hosting industry coming to an end? Do hosters need to change and, if so, how?

In my opinion, the hosting industry isn’t coming to an end. Instead, it is forcing hosters and service providers to change. They need to adapt their approach to selling cloud services to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering specific value. They need to consider how they’ll position themselves as the value added service provider against giants like Amazon or Rackspace.

Many of the conversations that we heard focused on the idea of federation and the virtual service provider:

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