BEACON: The Path to More Efficient Cloud Application Deployments

Disruptive Technologies

As an innovator in the cloud market, Flexiant places great value on research. Being actively involved in the development and improvement of cloud services ensures that the full benefits of cloud technology can be realized.

To maximize the impact of our research, and to benefit from other organizations experience, a significant amount of Flexiant’s research is carried out in partnership with leading European organizations as part of the HORIZON 2020 Research Program.

This is true for our latest exciting project, BEACON, which Flexiant is jointly undertaking with CETIC in Belgium, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, OpenNebula Systems in Spain, IBM Haifa, Universita di Messina, Italy and Lufthansa Systems in Germany.
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ICT in Horizon 2020 – What is it all about for Flexiant?

In our last blog we looked at the ‘Three Pillars’ of Horizon 2020 (H2020) and the importance of each pillar. Today we focus on the H2020 plans for the ICT sector. The H2020 emphasis on innovation resonates with the development philosophy at Flexiant and how we try to continuously deliver new features and functionality that benefit cloud service providers. There are four main areas of focus for the H2020 plans: 

1. Improve the economy

According to the European Commission, ICT in Europe is growing seven times faster than the rest of the economy! This sector represents 4.8% of the EU economy and accounts for 25% of total business expenditure in Research and Development (R&D). The transformative power of ICT can help address many of Europe’s most pressing societal challenges in areas such as health, the environment and fostering secure and inclusive societies. Through H2020, the EU is investing at least 25% more in ICT research than in previous research programmes. This investment and active research participation by companies such as Flexiant, will help generate to 900,000 jobs by 2015.

H2020 Europe

 2. Develop the next generation of technologies

The most exciting part of H2020 is the aim to develop new innovations, including next generation computing, infrastructures, technologies and services for the future Internet and content technologies. Flexiant plans to be at the forefront of this innovation working with H2020 partners.

3. Resolve real-world end user limitations

There is a strategic change from FP7 to FP8 or H2020, moving from a topic driven set of high level criteria to a more industry driven challenge Vs impact scenario. This means that current challenges should be clear and linked to real-world end user limitations/issues. Flexiant has a keen understanding of the ‘as is’ situation through our work with customers and partners. 

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Flexiant and The Three Pillars of Horizon 2020

This is the first of a series of Horizon 2020 blogs where we look at how the EU’s latest Research and Innovation is developing, how Flexiant will get involved and how other organisations can benefit from Horizon 2020.

Horizon 2020

‘The Power of Three’

It’s well known that a triangle is the strongest shape; their ability to bear large loads and withstand strong forces makes them ideal as a building block. It’s no surprise then that the EC has decided to underpin Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever in such a manner. Flexiant has a long and proven track record of innovation and this is supported by our collaboration with European partners in a variety of research projects. Horizon 2020 promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts  through turning great research ideas into realistic, commercial strategies.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Three Pillars that make-up the Horizon 2020 landscape.

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