Flexiant Joins Horizon 2020 Project, DICE


We are immensely proud of our participation in leading research projects. Through our continuing contribution to the development of cloud technology, we are able to help organizations realize the full potential of the cloud. By partnering with other leading organizations, we ensure our customers benefit from the latest cutting edge technology.

We are excited to announce today our involvement in the Horizon 2020 research project; DICE.

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SMEs are Top Focus in H2020!

As a subject matter expert (SME), Flexiant has worked closely with many European research projects for the past four years. The European Commission is providing a lot of support and guidance for SMEs and we are really pleased to be part of these cutting edge initiatives.

Flexiant and Horizon 2020

The EU has clearly recognized that SMEs are the backbone of the European economy. No surprise, when you see that Flexiant and our SME peers account for more than 98% of all enterprises, 67% of employment, and 58% of gross value added across Europe . So we’re preparing to fully engage and focus on taking our innovative ideas to the market via H2020.

There have been several positive changes for SMEs taking part in H2020. Flexiant welcomes these changes and believes H2020 can expand on our previous success in the FP7 program by broadening our knowledge and experience and our exploration of market opportunities.  In brief, the most welcome changes for SMEs in H2020 include:

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