No One Size Fits all Cloud Strategy Works


News out in mid-February reported that after a seven-year migration to the cloud, Netflix had moved the rest of its video streaming to the AWS cloud. The poster child for AWS, some might think that Netflix has adopted a one-size-fits-all cloud strategy. But, let’s be completely clear, Netflix isn’t 100% running on AWS. Netflix is also using Google cloud storage for some archiving and continues to use a data center to run and manage its DVD business according to Fortune.
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This Week’s Best Cloud Insights for Service Providers and Telcos

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This week, we offer some of the best cloud insights we’ve learned this week from trusted sources. Read why public cloud is growing faster than private and hybrid clouds, why Google hasn’t taken off in the cloud and why many CIOs should be afraid of shadow IT.

Public Cloud Grew Faster Than Both Private And Hybrid Cloud In 2015

As we settle in to 2016, new research from Synergy Research Group has claimed that 2015 was a year where the growth rate for public Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (IaaS/PaaS) services hit 51 percent, outgrowing the private and hybrid cloud segment.
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How to Easily Deploy a Chef Cookbook to an Application in the Cloud

ChefAs a Chef user, you’ll want to easily deploy Chef cookbooks to applications in the cloud. This could involve a lot of work and time, or can more easily be done. Let’s dive into the situation.


Your goal is to deploy a Chef cookbook to an application in the cloud. You have the cookbook from the Chef Supermarket, or maybe you have your own one, which describes an application that is specific to your organization. The Chef cookbook contains all the steps to get your application up and running, so it should be an easy task. But guess what? It’s not. There are still a number of steps that you have to go through before the cookbook can start doing its magic, building and running the application for you.
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