DevOps & Cloud: A Match Made in Heaven


Gartner said in 2010 that “the DevOps philosophy was born primarily from the activities of cloud service providers as they worked to address scale-out problems due to increasing online service adoption.”

Fast-forward to today and Gartner defines DevOps as “a change in IT culture, focusing on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices…”
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GoGrid Says a Single Data Center Won’t Meet Demands of Today’s Workloads


John Keagy, co-founder and  CEO of GoGrid, offered commentary to InformationWeek on the benefits of deploying workloads to more than one cloud service. In the commentary, he writes:

It’s no longer possible for a single data center to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated workloads…With the advent of the cloud, we now have access to the most advanced information architecture available for handling distributed workloads. The next evolution in cloud application architecture — multi-cloud application-stack deployments — helps ensure business continuity by freeing enterprises from the constraints of a single provider.
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