All Around the World

This post was meant to be just about all the places we will be appearing/visiting in the next few months and then I though it would be worth mentioning the geographic spread of our customer base already. (We were primarily just targetting Europe to begin with), so far we have customers in: The UK (obviously), Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, India, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Iceland, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Slovenia, Denmark etc (I got halfway down the list of customers at this point). You’ll notice the USA is missing, that’s because I thought just putting ‘USA’ understated it a bit, so, some (but probably not all), of the states we have customers in: California, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Conneticut, Iowa.

Now much as I would love a travel budget to visit each of the places I mentioned, I can’t see that ever happening, but we will be doing a number of trips this year to places where we do have large customer bases.

  • London: We’ll be in London every few weeks, meeting clients, talks, etc
  • Cologne: Philipp Huber our COO will be at WebHostingDay March 12-13th March.
  • San Francisco: Tony Lucas CEO (Me!) will be at the Web 2 Expo, and in an around SF from the 18th to 29th of April
  • Newcastle (UK): March 11th, (Me again!) at the AWS User Group talking about cloud/utility computing.

That’s the confirmed trips at the moment, no doubt we will be adding more later as time goes on.


To infinity, and beyond!

Ok, well maybe that’s a bit overstating the power that FlexiScale has, but you get the idea, (and I’m a sucker for Animated Films)

We’ve been working flat out here over the past few months continuing adding new features to FlexiScale, and they will start to be rolled out in the next few weeks. We’re still keeping quiet about what some of them will be, until we roll them out, but let’s just say, we are all *really* excited about them.

Watch this space for more news in the next month as we roll them out.

Apart from that great news, a quick update on how FlexiScale is going, well, brilliant actually, usage has increased 100% in the last ~45 days, and we’re expecting it to keep speeding up from there. We’ve seen the first results of customers using the FlexiScale API thanks to our friends at Cognifide. More and more people are switching to it every week, infact in February we setup more new FlexiScale customers, than we did setup dedicated servers (for our existing business), and that’s pretty amazing!

We are going to start featuring some success stories on the blog soon, so if theres any customers reading this who would like a mention, just drop us an e-mail.

Until next time!