7 Capabilities Your Cloud Management Solution Might Be Missing


Managing your cloud resources requires sophisticated solutions targeted at telcos and service providers. But often these cloud management solutions are not fit for purpose for a commercial provider of cloud services. There are a number of reasons you may need cloud orchestration and benefits you’ll receive from this. But there are also a number of added benefits that you might not be receiving from your cloud management solution. Here are a few to consider:
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MODAClouds Concludes; Benefits Multi-Cloud Environments

Multi-Cloud Environments

We are very pleased to announce that after three years’ of intensive work, the MODAClouds project has reached its conclusion. For Flexiant, the MODAClouds project has been a great opportunity for us to explore the realm of multi-cloud environments.

MODAClouds has played a key part in understanding the opportunities of the multi-cloud market. This led to our acquisition of Besol Tapp in 2014 and the subsequent release of our cloud agnostic application deployment tool, Flexiant Concerto.
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Why News that AWS, the Fastest Growing Enterprise Technology, is Important

Cloud Orchestration

AWS is the fastest-growing enterprise technology company in history, according to Deutsche Bank analyst predictions. Its 2017 valuation put AWS at $160 billion, on 2017 revenues of $16 billion.
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The 451 Take: Flexiant has Arrived

Just out, 451 Research has released an Impact Report on Flexiant ‘Flexiant Points to the Cloud Pipeline Opportunity’ suggesting that Flexiant has arrived. William Fellows writes The 451 Take:

“Flexiant has historically sold to telcos and MSPs creating cloud services, but looks to have arrived at the next stage of its corporate development. Its direction of travel is toward a single technology platform or stack combining its Orchestrator and Concerto offerings (as well as offering stand-alone products). This will strengthen is proposition as the market seeks different kinds of services to meet different application needs. It will likely need an additional larger investment in order to meet the demands of an increased pipeline opportunity – either in the form of additional funding or an acquisition.”

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Flexiant Concerto: How to set up a Ruby on Rails stack

Flexiant Concerto

We recently published a blog on how you can use Flexiant Concerto to easily put together a LAMP stack and deploy your application on top of it. Today we will take a look at another very widespread application stack requirement, that of Linux, Apache, MySQL and Ruby on Rails (LAMR).
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