Cloud Orchestration Infrastructure, Security and Resiliency

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A central concern for any service provider or telco with cloud services is the ability to ensure resiliency and security for their infrastructure. At Flexiant, we pride ourselves on delivering cloud orchestration software that alleviates the headaches that may arise from tackling infrastructure security and resiliency challenges. If you are curious as to how we handle this, here are some frequently asked questions.
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Why is Traffic Management Critical to the Bottom Line for Service Providers?

Cloud service providers

The days when users were prepared to wait a few seconds for websites to respond are long gone. Consider that 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Or consider that a one second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. We have become so used to near-instant responses that unless businesses are able to deliver this kind of performance on their web applications, they are potentially putting their revenue, brand awareness and productivity in jeopardy.
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Why Chilean Service Provider IIA Selected Flexiant

Cloud ManagementToday we announced that IIA selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as its cloud management platform. Based in Santiago, Chile, IIA will use Flexiant to deliver cloud services to its 3,000 clients and the market quickly. Read the full press release here.

With Flexiant’s cloud orchestration solution, IIA now has a self-service solution for automated provisioning of cloud services, combined with automated metering, billing and payments, backup and storage.
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Replicating a new AWS feature in 100 lines of Lua

Earlier this month, we launched Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V4 which introduced a major new feature, plugins, which fundamentally changes both how our software can be used and the ease with which third party solutions can be integrated with Flexiant. Plugins enable our platform to tightly integrate with other solutions, and/or change the way our platform itself behaves. These plugins which are built using a implementation of Lua, can be created by Flexiant, software solution companies, independent developers and our customers. However, if a plugin does not deliver the functionality you need then you can easily modify them.

Loggly- LogoOver the next few months, I plan on showcasing just how easy it is to use our plugin feature to offer new services and functionality for your cloud services business. Today, I’m looking at replicating an AWS feature in 100 lines of code.



Loggly API Logging integration.

Amazon recently announced a whole raft of new features at AWS re:invent.  One of them that caught our eye was AWS CloudTrail, a way to automatically export/stream the details of API calls to S3 buckets or even external tools such as Loggly.

Funnily enough, as one of the proof of concepts we built for our new Plugin capability, we built very similar functionality for Loggly, and in only ~100 lines of code! We say this not to cheapen AWS Cloudtrail, it’s a great feature, but to show off how powerful and adaptable our new plugin system is.

More details about available plugins can be found at and for developers looking to build their own plugins at our Documentation site but a breakdown of the plugin itself is below.

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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V3 Sneak Preview- Tomorrow!

In anticipation of the forthcoming launch of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V3, we recently ran a sneak preview showcasing some of the exciting, new features.

Due to the positive response, we have an additional sneak preview tomorrow, Friday 23 November 2012 from 3-4pm GMT.

Using a screen sharing app, we’ll take you through a live deployment, running on our servers, to show how you can deploy your cloud in minutes, not months.

You will be one of the first to understand the further advances made to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator and how these will revolutionise your cloud services business.

Register here.

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