Private IP address space management: Self-serve management tools to distribute and assign IP addresses

Cloud ServicesFor some cloud customers, it is important for end customers to have self-serve management tools that help them to distribute and assign IP addresses even for their private networks.

With Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s network orchestration, service providers benefit from not having to touch their network equipment whenever their customers request a new network – whether public or private. While the IP address space management for public networks has been a key feature for long, now service providers can offer their customers the ability to choose, assign and manage their own subnets also for their private networks.
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Telcos Hold the Crown Jewels of Cloud, But Does it Matter?

Telecom Operators

There is a massive opportunity for telcos in the cloud – a hungry audience waiting to be engaged exists, but at the same time existing customers are ready to switch and are under threat from competitors. For telcos, there is an urgent need to implement effective action now.
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New Video: Watch How to Easily Migrate VMs from vSphere to Flexiant

Cloud Orchestration

We recently introduced a new feature in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator that allows you to easily migrate VMs from VMware over to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. You can read the details here.
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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator New Load Balancer Deep Dive

Cloud Services

The latest release of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator comes complete with nifty Load Balancer features. There are two really useful functions I particularly like about this – the automatic geoDNS service and that the back-end servers need not be part of the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator ecosystem. This is great for anyone wishing to exploit hybrid cloud technology. Today’s blog, I delve into the new load balancer features.
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The 451 Take: Flexiant has Arrived

Just out, 451 Research has released an Impact Report on Flexiant ‘Flexiant Points to the Cloud Pipeline Opportunity’ suggesting that Flexiant has arrived. William Fellows writes The 451 Take:

“Flexiant has historically sold to telcos and MSPs creating cloud services, but looks to have arrived at the next stage of its corporate development. Its direction of travel is toward a single technology platform or stack combining its Orchestrator and Concerto offerings (as well as offering stand-alone products). This will strengthen is proposition as the market seeks different kinds of services to meet different application needs. It will likely need an additional larger investment in order to meet the demands of an increased pipeline opportunity – either in the form of additional funding or an acquisition.”

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