Zero to Cloud Technology Considerations: Understand, Adopt and Assess

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud
Getting to the cloud can raise many technology considerations around what you already have in place, what your technical strategy is going to be and how your technical team will ensure service levels.

We put together the ultimate guide to cloud – Zero to Cloud – a one-stop guide to helping you whatever stage you might be at on your journey to or in the cloud. Here is the first section for this checklist on technology considerations. It offers a high level overview of things to consider.

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Flexiant Joins Horizon 2020 Project, DICE


We are immensely proud of our participation in leading research projects. Through our continuing contribution to the development of cloud technology, we are able to help organizations realize the full potential of the cloud. By partnering with other leading organizations, we ensure our customers benefit from the latest cutting edge technology.

We are excited to announce today our involvement in the Horizon 2020 research project; DICE.

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Great News for Service Providers: Cloud Underpins Majority of Tech Trends

Service provider
Cloud technology underpins the majority of tech trends for 2015 according to cloudtech’s article on Gartner’s latest top 10 trends. That is good news for service providers. Here are the five trends from Gartner we think you need to consider for your 2015 business plan. Over the next few week’s we’ll give advice on each.

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Helping the CACTOS to flower: Flexiant’s Role in the FP7 Project

Cloud infrastructure has increased dramatically over recent years, driven by user demand and increases in technological developments. Alongside this growth, there has been increased demand for better energy efficiency within CPU architecture. This has translated into greater complexity in cloud infrastructure and simplifying this for end users is proving to be one of the greatest challenges to cloud providers. CACTOS is engaged in finding solutions to tackle this problem, and Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is playing a critical role in the project.


The CACTOS consortium brings together development partners from countries across Europe including; Sweden, Ireland, Germany and the United Kingdom. Together, these partners will develop solutions for resource optimisation, cost efficiencies and risk analysis mechanisms for evaluating cloud service infrastructures. It will collect and utilize historical data and research to deliver a simulation that will allow complex algorithm-based analysis. The project will use Flexiant’s cloud orchestrator software for stress testing applications and modelling behaviours when different IaaS level resources are mapped to workloads. This will help correlate the relationship between workloads and underlying resources with a view towards application specific Quality of Service requirements being met.

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GigaOm: Structure:Europe Dude, it’s the Dell Cloud.

Earlier at #structureeurope is Nnamdi Orakwue, VP, Cloud, Dell and Barb Darrow to discuss the Dell cloud strategy. Nnamdi talked about the fatigue from vendor lock in and that with tricky pricing and complexity from the cloud era, companies are struggling to find cloud vendors to support their business. Barb summarized this as the same people that fear vendor lock in in IT, now fear it in the cloud.

GigaOm StructureNnamdi then talked about Dell’s need to take a different approach to cloud and one that included a partner approach. See our news on this here. His point was that Dell wants to work with experts so for example, they work with a French partner that knows the ins and outs of the country and can support customers with that level of detail combined with Dell solutions.

Lastly, the discussion turned to OpenStack. Nnamdi said “Dell loves OpenStack; it’s fantastic and graining great market traction.” He explained that Dell has banks, for example, coming to the business already doing ‘things’ with OpenStack and that Dell is in the fortunate position to sit on top of all of this. The overall goal is that ‘the customer should win.’

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