August Newsletter: Innovation, Expertise and Rising Trends

July NewsletterProviding innovative and differentiated services is critical to cloud service providers surviving and thriving in today’s competitive landscape. This month we continued our promise to innovate on behalf of the service provider by providing a number of new Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator features.

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New Feature: Easily Migrate VMs from vSphere to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

Cloud Services
We have been drip feeding new Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator v5.5 features over the past month. In our mission to continuously innovate so that telcos and service providers can arm themselves to compete, some of the latest features include private IP address space management, widget plugins and our JavaScript API.
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Flexiant Joins Horizon 2020 Project, DICE


We are immensely proud of our participation in leading research projects. Through our continuing contribution to the development of cloud technology, we are able to help organizations realize the full potential of the cloud. By partnering with other leading organizations, we ensure our customers benefit from the latest cutting edge technology.

We are excited to announce today our involvement in the Horizon 2020 research project; DICE.

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Flexiant Joins OpenStack Community

At the end of last year, we announced our intention to solve the commercial side of OpenStack by extending our cloud orchestration platform to support it. Now, we have officially joined the OpenStack community as a corporate sponsor.


What are we doing with OpenStack?

Millions of dollars are spent, and in some cases are completely wasted, developing services on OpenStack. Service providers don’t typically have the same technical and developmental resources, or funds available, as vendors such as IBM, HP and Dell, and as such this DIY approach isn’t working for them. Even those working with hardware vendors to deliver services are struggling to do it in fewer than 18 months. Flexiant wants to give service providers choice and help them commercialize their cloud services quickly. We will do this by offering a rapidly deployable, functionally rich, service provider ready solution, underpinned by OpenStack, as well as our own platform.

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IBM Proving That Time to Market for Cloud Services is Now

IBM has reportedly lost revenue of up to $1 billion from hardware sales with the advent of cloud computing. However, its cloud services revenue has grown exponentially over the past year.

IBM Flexiant

IBM had some of its best results with its cloud services efforts. Cloud revenue is up more than 70 percent year to date with revenue in third-quarter exceeding $1 billion, of which about $460 millions delivered as a cloud service.

Where therefore is the money being spent? Public cloud is the answer as it continues to gain rapid market traction. It is therefore impossible for service providers to ignore this opportunity. The benefits and opportunities in the cloud are so extensive that it is impossible for service providers to ignore them. Tactics such as packaging up existing infrastructure or virtualization products will not cut it with customers. Time is up – service providers need to make a move.

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