Three Questions Resellers Should Ask before Partnering with a Cloud Provider

Cloud Provider

96 percent of resellers now offer some form of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) to their customers to a greater or lesser degree, according to global research. This includes managing customer assets on-premises, off-premises hosting or public cloud services.

The potential is massive, however the barriers to entry for a small systems integrator or reseller are huge if they hope to offer the entire service themselves. Most suppliers will find it easier and more practical – at least initially – to use an established cloud provider and resell the service to their customers. This is great news for cloud service providers looking to increase revenue from new lines of business.
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This morning, Jim Foley and I spoke at on the topic, ‘Marketing Innovations every Cloud Service Provider Should Know’. The presentation was based on research into hundreds of service providers and how they are currently going about their marketing. The results proved that many service providers are not taking the full advantage of the marketing tools available to them, which could cause them to miss out on customers. We both thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss marketing methodologies and tools that can differentiate service providers from their competition.

Flexiant at WHDJudging by the turn out, service providers understand that in an increasingly commoditized market, it is essential to arm yourself with every tool available, to find, listen and engage with your target market. To help support service providers even further, we have produced a special report that highlights the possible pitfalls and gives resources and suggestions to help get you started.  For our full special report please click here or below.

Report Summary: Flexiant studied a variety of hosting companies and service providers, using various tools to understand each company’s online presence and marketing. Many of the companies researched are past or current participants at WHD Global. The research was conducted without the involvement of the individual companies using analytical tools that are widely available.

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Final Three Reasons to Meet with Flexiant at

Just a few more days until we all arrive at We’ve told you six reasons why to meet with us at booth #B07 already, here are our final three:

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  1. Weserve B.V. Selects Flexiant to Replace Existing Cloud Platform – Faced with multi-datacenter management limitations from its previous cloud software vendor, Weserve was in search of a mature, professional and high availability IaaS cloud orchestration solution that could serve its 1,500-2,000 customers and 25 resellers across the Netherlands. Stop by our booth to find out why Weserve B.V. selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to manage its multi-datacenter cloud solution from one platform.

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2014 Predictions for the Cloud Service Provider

As Business Cloud News perfectly summarized yesterday “With public cloud spending set to surpass $100bn this year according to IDC many are looking to 2014 as the year the cloud sector moves into a second phase of industrial development, unleashing a wave of innovation and consolidation in its path. And according to industry specialists, much of what happens next in the cloud sector will depend on the deepening integration of mobile, cloud, big data and traditional IT technologies.”

Crystal Ball Flexiant Predictions

Today, we are summarizing a few predictions we’ve seen across the industry, but also some of our thoughts for 2014 specific to the cloud service provider.

1. Service Providers Finally Wake Up to the Demand for Cloud

An IBM survey revealed that the cloud’s strategic importance to decision-makers, such as CEOs, CMOs, finance, HR and procurement executives, is poised to double from 34 percent to 72 percent – vaulting over their IT counterparts at 58 percent. As public cloud spending is set to increase, more hosters, service providers and telcos will waken to the need to enter the cloud services market quickly or get left behind. Demand for cloud services will accelerate in 2014 as enterprises and others start to move production workloads to the cloud at scale

Cloud service providers, therefore, need to create offerings that differentiate against AWS and Google to become sticky to the end customer. Read some of our thoughts on competing against AWS.

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How to be Successful in 2014: A ‘not to be missed’ online panel discussion with ThinkGrid, 451 Research and Flexiant

What is the year ahead all about? For many service providers 2014 is the year to enter the cloud services market and seize the opportunity of the decade. But who do you have to be to be successful? What capabilities do you need to bring to market? What organisational and behavioural changes will make you successful? What products and services do you need to create and launch? To help existing and emerging cloud service providers gain actionable insight into how they can succeed in 2014 Flexiant has assembled a unique panel of experts. Register for the webinar here.

2014- Cloud Service Provider Success

Firstly Rob Lovell, CEO of ThinkGrid, now part of Colt Telecom. Rob is responsible for launching one of the fastest growing new entrants into the cloud services arena in 2013. Rob and the ThinkGrid team launched the Ceano services for the telecom company Colt, from a standing start in May, in a matter of months. Since launch in May these services have rapidly expanded internationally and now cover the entire USA, most of Europe and beyond. The energy and insights that Rob brings to every discussion are highly motivating, practical and useful.

Secondly we are delighted that Michael Coté, Research Director at 451 Research will be providing the insights from his personal experience and those of 451 Group. Michael not only follows avidly the technology advances in our industry but he has a bias towards trying to understand how these translate into business opportunity and industry movement.

Our third and final panellist is our own Tony Lucas, Founder and SVP Product ant Flexiant. Tony was responsible, among other things for launching the first public cloud service in Europe in 2007. He is a regular guest speaker at international industry events and his deep knowledge of the industry and continuous engagement with existing and emerging cloud service providers ensures that his contribution is not to be missed.

If you are a cloud service provider and would like to make 2014 a stellar year or if you are struggling with getting to market quickly, delivering services beyond a simple cookie-cutter approach or need to understand the back-office requirements needed to run a commercial cloud, then you need to attend this panel discussion webinar.

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