This Week’s Best Cloud Insights for Service Providers and Telcos

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This week, we offer some of the best cloud insights we’ve learned from trusted sources. Read how to choose the best cloud for your app, learn about Verizon’s new cloud services path or how continued security concerns still plague the cloud.

How to choose the best cloud for your app

How should I match the applications in my portfolio with the most appropriate cloud? This question is becoming increasingly common in enterprise IT organizations today, and it can be difficult to answer. Often the decision depends on the sensitivity of the data within the application. At other times, public versus private cloud considerations are paramount. Other factors influencing the decision include business goals and whether or not speed or price must be optimized. Read the article at InfoWorld.
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Service Providers, Cloud Security and FUD

Security- Software as a (Single Tenant) Service?One of the biggest barriers to adopting a cloud-based approach to IT services has been security – or a perceived lack of security. The good news though is that some analysts believe we are getting past this. For cloud service providers though, it means adding value on top of their cloud services by being an expert in this space.

The case for cloud has been hindered by a number of high profile reports of hacking leading to what industry analysts have termed ‘FUD’: fear, uncertainty and doubt.

These perceptions have affected the business community too, with many organizations believing the cloud to be less secure than an on-premise alternative.
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