Are Cloud Management Tools Really Lagging?

Cloud management

Analyst firm Gartner is pointing the finger at cloud management tools suggesting that “the tools available for businesses to manage their use of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing services are not as mature as the public cloud services themselves,” according to a Network World article.
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User Experience the Future for Cloud Service Providers

User Experience

Fast Company published an article last year “Move Over Product Design, UX Is the Future” that opened:

For decades, the most successful businesses thrived on product innovation as the natural strategy to increase revenues, market share, and loyalty. Fast forward to 2014: today’s product innovations, and the growth they create, are often incremental, narrow, and fleeting. Take TVs or PCs—every competitor quickly matches the latest features, speed, brightness. As a result, companies are finding that returns from product efforts are harder to rely on…the experience.

The same is true for cloud service providers. The experience a customer has is hugely important.
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Is Cloud Mainstream Yet?

At a recent conference Asher Baig, of GigaOm categorically stated that cloud is indeed now mainstream. I still think it is getting there for many use cases but that very soon the human change and adoption process will have accelerated and cloud consumption will be commonplace. Future of Cloud

It’s interesting to take a step back and look at the Internet. As Jeff Vance states, “Back in the mid-90s, the Internet was borderline useless for most people. There were no decent search engines, just aggregators that sorted popular sites into major categories like “sports” or “news,” and no decent mail clients, just so-so services from the likes of AOL and Prodigy.”

Cloud when first introduced was a bit like that as well. You had access to some hardware, but someone was handling it elsewhere. With some manual planning, some back and forth, you could actually get the resources you needed for a website launch (although this might have taken a few months). But that’s all changed – now you provision and de-provision, scale up and scale down all through one user interface whatever compute, storage or network resources you need – with a credit card.
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HostingCon 2014 – Make Sure You Are Armed To Compete In The Cloud Marketplace

Flexiant are once again attending HostingCon 2014, one of the industries premier events for hosting and cloud providers. Our cloud experts will be there to demonstrate ways service providers can remain competitive and arm themselves with the right tools to compete in the cloud marketplace. hostingcon-Flexiant Firstly, following our announcement this week, of the general availability of our Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator and Parallels Cloud Server solution, Tony Lucas will be attending to demonstrate the unique integration. Since announcing our integration plans with Parallels earlier in the year, we have had very positive feedback from service providers and hosters looking for the benefits of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator for IaaS orchestration whilst running it on PCS.
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GigaOm: Structure:Europe Dude, it’s the Dell Cloud.

Earlier at #structureeurope is Nnamdi Orakwue, VP, Cloud, Dell and Barb Darrow to discuss the Dell cloud strategy. Nnamdi talked about the fatigue from vendor lock in and that with tricky pricing and complexity from the cloud era, companies are struggling to find cloud vendors to support their business. Barb summarized this as the same people that fear vendor lock in in IT, now fear it in the cloud.

GigaOm StructureNnamdi then talked about Dell’s need to take a different approach to cloud and one that included a partner approach. See our news on this here. His point was that Dell wants to work with experts so for example, they work with a French partner that knows the ins and outs of the country and can support customers with that level of detail combined with Dell solutions.

Lastly, the discussion turned to OpenStack. Nnamdi said “Dell loves OpenStack; it’s fantastic and graining great market traction.” He explained that Dell has banks, for example, coming to the business already doing ‘things’ with OpenStack and that Dell is in the fortunate position to sit on top of all of this. The overall goal is that ‘the customer should win.’

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