Almost Half of UK Businesses to Make Big Cloud Platform Changes

Are You Selling Your Cloud for Too Little? A whopping 48% of UK businesses expect to make big changes to their cloud platforms in the next 12 months according to a Cloud Computing Intelligence (CCI) article.  If you are a service provider, what would happen if 48% of your business decided to go elsewhere? The article reported commissioned research by Adapt which revealed there is a clear mismatch between what UK businesses need versus what they actually get from their providers. Some results that should worry service providers showed that:

  • 75% of respondents do not feel their cloud provider really understands their business.
  • One in four respondents do not expect their service provider to be meeting their business needs within the next 12 months.

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Why Weserve Replaced Existing Cloud Platform

Webhosting company, Weserve B.V., has selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to manage its multi-datacenter cloud solution from one platform. Read the full announcement.

WeServe LogoSince 2003, Weserve B.V. has been active in the webhosting business offering a wide variety of services including domain registration, webhosting, dedicated services, colocation and rackhosting, high availability VPS servers, streaming services, online backup and spam filtering.

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5 Benefits of Cloud Management

Service providers are striving to find new ways to monetize their infrastructure, and cloud computing is the biggest opportunity in decades. Yet, many are failing to exploit the cloud because their infrastructures are unable to orchestrate the elements required to deliver network resources, computing and storage ‘on demand’. Virtualized server environments are notoriously admin-heavy and the elements of the cloud platform – network, servers, firewalls etc. all need to be configured independently.

Number 5-  Greenwich Photography

Cloud management software can help by managing all elements of a cloud platform; physical and virtual resources. It allows organizations to turn traditional hardware into a cloud platform by automating and streamlining the deployment while managing and provisioning those resources appropriately. This way, service providers get the most from their investments and exploit the growth opportunities of cloud services. The main benefits?

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Fully Viable and Revenue Generating Cloud Platform in 7 Days

One consistent theme in my discussions with hosting companies and service providers is the problem of time to market. Many of these businesses fall into the camp of having spent months, if not years, investigating technology to support a cloud business only to then realize it does not meet customer expectations. In turn, these organizations are watching customer after customer leave to find a cloud service provider that can actually support their business requirements.

image provided by EurritimiaSo what does a hoster need to transition into a cloud service provider with a fully viable and revenue generating platform? The answer is not in developing its own cloud management solution, it is instead purchasing software that can enable the business to reach its goal in as little as seven days.

The software should be able to support your business regardless of its deployment complexity. These capabilities should include the ability to support:

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Is Shadow IT the cloud’s best friend?

This week I was reading some blog posts in InfoWorld, Cloud Computing Blog by David Linthicum. David is a frequent blogger offering advice on both the private and public cloud.

One recent blog post is of particular interest – ‘Shadow IT’ can be the cloud’s best friend – the blog focuses on how employees within an organisation, responsible for profit centres will acquire and manage IT resources outside the control of corporate IT. David comments:

… IT needs to face reality: For the past three decades or so, corporate IT has been slow on the uptake around the use of productive new technologies.
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