Cloud Orchestration: An Actual Solution or Jumping on the Bandwagon?

Firstly let me start this blog with a health warning. It is mostly about Flexiant. I am aware of some of the announcements Flexiant will be making this quarter and I thought that I would take a moment to share my personal reflection on one aspect of the industry and the progress that Flexiant has made in the last 24 months.

Pixelated Cloud

Our software orchestrates the cloud. Two years ago, we made the decision to tell the world, much louder than we already had, exactly how it works, the benefits of the software and then show how our customers are benefiting from it. The plan worked, we are leading in the cloud orchestration software market because our product really does what it says on the tin.

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The Hybrid Cloud, Orchestration and Integration

About a month ago, Flexiant had the pleasure of hooking up with Jon Collins, author, technology commentator and director at Inter Orbis at Structure:Europe. Later this week I’m catching up with him again to discuss all things cloud – as we like to do here at Flexiant.

Integrated Cloud Flexiant

Jon wrote an interesting article on CloudPro entitled, “Cloud society: hybrid cloud is dead; long live hybrid.” A catchy title and one that sounds similar to our blog from 2012 “Private Cloud is Dead.” In the article, Jon summarizes that the word ‘hybrid’ exists because evangelical IT vendors admitted defeat “in that mere marketing could not overturn several decades of computational best practice.”

He writes:

The hybrid notion came with a palpable sigh of relief across the whole industry. Yes, businesses could benefit from using scalable hosted infrastructure, or web-based software packages. Equally there would be times when building custom systems would make more sense – it would be madness to suggest anything else. This meant that rather than pinning hope on silver-bullets-as-a-service, organisations could go back to a model in which the best combination of tools are chosen for the job.

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The Role of Data Center Orchestration and Other Topics from Spotlight on the Cloud

Last week I made the journey to Cote D’Azur, France to join a panel discussion ‘Musick hath charms…” – the role of datacenter orchestration’ chaired  by Clive Longbottom, Service Director, Business Process Analysis, Quocirca at EMEA Press Spotlight on ‘the Cloud’. I was joined alongside panellists Phil Tilley, VP, Alcatel-Lucent, Ian Keene, Vice President, Gartner and Mike Banic, VP Global Marketing, HP to discuss the following:

NetEvents Logo The pressures of social networking, mobility, big data and cloud services mean that the IT department’s role is shifting from infrastructure and application provisioning to becoming a business growth driver.The need is for a more flexible and adaptable datacentre: where servers can be provisioned as dynamic workloads shift and change; where systems can be configured, replicated and deployed across the enterprise.

Today’s IT teams need new ways to achieve this – without the complexity of managing the datacentre from separate consoles in a highly integrated environment. Datacenter orchestration promises a simpler means to automate IT services across the board – from merely reducing routine repetitive tasks, up to creating an automated datacentre delivering harmonious, responsive cloud services.
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Flexiant Receives Funding to Invest Further in Cloud Orchestration

FlexiantAnnounced today, we have received a further £3.75 million in funding to expand our global presence to support the increased customer demand for our cloud management software. The funding will see further development of our trendsetting product Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to ensure it continues to provide crucial support for cloud service providers.

As a $30 billion market opportunity, the cloud offers tremendous growth opportunities for service providers that can scale, deploy and configure cloud services simply and cost effectively. Our product allows customers to go to market quickly with a cloud service business that generates revenue with immediate return on investment.

This new round of funding further strengthens our rapid growth in the US and EMEA markets. Flexiant is at the forefront of supporting this multi-billion dollar opportunity and realizing tremendous growth as a result. The industry recognizes that we are a company to watch.

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Growing Interest in Cloud Orchestration

Bloomberg Business Week Exchange posted the blog ‘What Does Growing Interest in Cloud Orchestration Tell Us?’. The blog focused on how IT groups are developing a growing interest in how to aggregate and manage multiple cloud services. The author, Scott Bils, outlined two reasons why cloud orchestration is an important phenomenon. He wrote:

“First, corporate IT’s interest in these capabilities is, in a way, an implicit acknowledgement that:

  • Cloud services will be adopted in scale across enterprises
  • Multiple large scale services will need to be orchestrated and managed
  • Orchestrating these services will be hard and will require external third party solutions 

This is a far different conversation than corporate IT was having a year ago at this time, which was primarily around what pilot or proof of concept to launch.


The first is the focus on corporate IT. The movement to public cloud services is becoming the trend for corporate IT. So whilst I agree with Scott that orchestration will need to be achieved through external third party solutions, I disagree that it will be corporate IT making this decision. Instead, I believe, as do many analysts, that corporate IT will work with external cloud service providers to deliver them the benefits of cloud. Therefore it will be the cloud service provider selecting a cloud orchestration solution to deliver corporate IT the agility required of the cloud.

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