Private IP address space management: Self-serve management tools to distribute and assign IP addresses

Cloud ServicesFor some cloud customers, it is important for end customers to have self-serve management tools that help them to distribute and assign IP addresses even for their private networks.

With Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s network orchestration, service providers benefit from not having to touch their network equipment whenever their customers request a new network – whether public or private. While the IP address space management for public networks has been a key feature for long, now service providers can offer their customers the ability to choose, assign and manage their own subnets also for their private networks.
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Cloud Orchestration Infrastructure, Security and Resiliency

Cloud Services

A central concern for any service provider or telco with cloud services is the ability to ensure resiliency and security for their infrastructure. At Flexiant, we pride ourselves on delivering cloud orchestration software that alleviates the headaches that may arise from tackling infrastructure security and resiliency challenges. If you are curious as to how we handle this, here are some frequently asked questions.
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3 Tools Everyone in the Telco-Cloud Industry Should Be Using

Cloud Orchestration

If you are a telco in the cloud space or trying to get in it and make a big difference quick, here are three tools you need in your arsenal.

  1. Mature Cloud Management – If you are developing your own cloud management tool or experimenting with OpenStack to get a commercial offer to market – stop what you are doing! You are going to waste valuable time and money and in the meantime, your competitors are going to take over the market. Consider that globally a new telco service is now launched every working day of the year according to Ovum. If you wait, you’ll lose money – and that is a certainty. Don’t gamble on your cloud management tool. Instead, select a mature, well-tested and scalable solution.

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Are 65% of Organizations Using Private Cloud: We Think Not.

public cloud

By now almost all enterprises are using the cloud in some form; they either have a private cloud for a very specific reason, have a hybrid approach, or are entirely in the public cloud. Indeed, they may or may not know what clouds are in use across the entire organization.
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Caravan Aero to Reduce Cost of Business by 25 % with Flexiant and Odin

Caravan Aero

Russian service provider, Caravan Aero, the subsidiary of Caravan Telecom, announced the launch of its new service virtual data center, or VDC. Caravan Aero customers can rent a set of virtual resources and create any complex IT-infrastructure based on them. Deployed in a matter of minutes, it will be similar to the physical servers. Caravan Aero will reduce its customers’ operating costs by at least 25%. 
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