Get New Flexiant APS Package for Odin Service Automation


Today we are excited to announce the release of the latest APS Package for Odin Service Automation that controls the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator API to integrate functionality into the Odin platform.
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5 More Examples of Service Providers Excelling at Cloud

Cloud Service Providers
Think you’re too late to the cloud market? Think again. By 2018, IDC forecasts that public cloud spending will more than double to $127.5 billion. This forecast is broken down as $82.7 billion in SaaS spending, $24.6 billion for IaaS and $20.3 billion in PaaS expenditures.
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Flexiant Delivers Grid Telekom a Cloud Orchestration Platform

We love helping telcos solve their cloud headaches. It might be because they want to offer a new service or make the most of cloud like their competitors or because they have already tried a strategy that hasn’t worked and now they need a fast and easy solution. Whatever the reason, we are in the business of helping telcos orchestrate their cloud so they can capture the market opportunity.
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Ultimate Guide to Cloud: Business Considerations

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud
Getting to the cloud can raise many business issues you might not have considered like why are you moving to the cloud, what are you planning to offer and what constraints do you have? We put together the ultimate guide to cloud – Zero to Cloud – a one-stop guide to helping you whatever stage you might be at on your journey to or in the cloud.
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Learn How Brinkster Used Flexiant for its White-Label Cloud Partner Program

Scale Out

In May this year, we announced the Brinkster selected Flexiant to expand its white-label cloud offering. Brinkster serves over 50,000 customers in 175 countries. The company wanted to expand its business to capitalize on where the market is moving.
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