June Newsletter: Top 2015 Content So Far

June Newsletter

 It is hard to believe we’ve made it to the end of June already. With the first half of 2015 behind us, we are bringing you our top content dedicated to helping you generate new revenue, expand your services and differentiate to compete.

First up, the blog that received the most attention this month was the Flexiant/SoftLayer install challenge. We were challenged to perform a live install and configuration of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator in an IBM SoftLayer datacenter. You can read the blog or watch the video to see just how fast (40 minutes) this task was completed.

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Why Telcos Need Cloud Orchestration

Cloud Orchestration

Orchestration is key for telcos to quickly and easily increase the variety and number of products they offer. It also keeps them focused on what they do best: selling solutions wrapped with value-added services instead of commodity infrastructure.

“We have seen a lot of telcos rush into cloud, but the infrastructure space is still being dominated by commodity players,” such as Amazon Web Services LLC says GoGrid CEO John Keagy in a LightReading article. After investing tens of millions of dollars creating cloud service platforms, telecom operators need to be able to give their sales teams solid products to sell and “that has been a problem for most of the telcos,” he adds.
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7 Encouraging SMB Cloud Stats Not to Ignore


Gaining market traction can be difficult which is why differentiation of business benefits and technology combined with great marketing is essential for cloud service providers. And that can be hard work. So, if you need a reminder why you are working hard to differentiate, here are 7 encouraging stats from the Odin SMB Cloud Insights Report:
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The Cloud Risk Factors for Telecom Operators

Telecom Operators

Telecom operators are in a period of rapid transformation while facing many risks. In a sample of annual reports by telecom operators globally, declining revenues is the number one issue of concern, followed by threats from global vendors, IT downsizing and rationalization, and data regulations:
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Ultimate Cloud Guide: Your Cloud Hardware

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud

What is actually under the hood of your cloud? Here you’ll read some in-depth technology considerations to cover when you are evaluating your cloud hardware.

Physical Resources

Physical resources are the hardware devices that are used to create virtual resources. Physical resources include compute, storage nodes, and the network the resources use to communicate between themselves and the Internet.
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