3 Reasons Why Cloud Management Competition is Good for the Service Provider and the OpenStack Community

Earlier this week one of the companies we compete with in the small hosting market launched an updated version of its product. One particular article on the new version mentioned Flexiant which of course, I think is great as we had a spike in website and download traffic. David Meyer at GigaOm wrote:

Flexiant 3 Reasons Cloud Management, image provided by Slipshod Photog

Speaking of those other platforms, it sounds like OnApp might soon follow local rival Flexiant into embracing the OpenStack cloud (and others). Bredahl hinted that the next release would “bring in third-party providers” under the unified UI’s management capabilities, so service providers can “deploy on all platforms and move workloads around … like RightScale should have been.” Them’s fighting words.

It got me thinking about competition in the cloud management market. Competition exists in every field and is a healthy component of any valid market. It drives us to be better and accelerates innovation. But is there enough competition in the cloud management market? Is it helping drive innovation for service providers?

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Flexiant’s Guide to V4

Earlier this week we released Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V4. Here’s what people have been saying:

Michael Cote and William Fellows at 451 Group said in the report ‘Flexiant updates its service-provider cloud platform, adding service customization hooks’:

Flexiant Guide to V4

  • When it comes to arming service providers, Flexiant does the whole enchilada, with hefty sides and plenty of chips and queso.
  • Flexiant’s platform should be mature and its customer base, such as Colt, is strong evidence that it works. The attention to service providers’ back-office needs is rare among cloud platform builders, which tend to focus on just core infrastructure components, often targeted at enterprises. 
  • Market demand for cloud platforms is clearly high and there are few credible options that aren’t distracted by enterprise requirements. Flexiant has credibility in this space and several years behind it already. 
  • On paper, this portfolio makes Flexiant look attractive to service providers that would like that magic unicorn of cloud: quickly standing up a differentiated portfolio of cloud offerings for as little money as possible… that actually works. 

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Flexiant “Opens” Up Our Platform to Accelerate Service Provider Revenue Growth

Last week, Michael Coté at 451 Group said to us, “It’s clear that there’s a rising demand for public cloud services, creating a pull from service providers for cloud enablement platforms. The challenge for service providers is to simultaneously stand up robust cloud services and at the same time establish differentiated services for which service providers can charge more than just commodity cloud prices to rise above cookie cutter approaches.

Flexiant Star

This is exactly what we’ve solved with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. Now with the latest version we extend this capability for service providers to:

• Generate more revenue and accelerate growth

• Get ahead on the cloud battleground to compete more effectively by developing your own unique services to differentiate

• Compete so you can lead the market through innovation

Today, we are so excited to announce this latest version because we are arming service providers with a platform to turn innovative ideas into revenue generating services quickly and easily.

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Flexiant Shortlisted in Two SVC Awards

Flexiant has been shortlisted in the category of ‘Cloud Company of the Year’, and ‘Public Sector Cloud Project of the Year’ (Optimis EU project supported by Flexiant), in the Storage, Virtualization and Cloud (SVC) Awards. Voting is open until the 8th November. You can read the full nomination here and please vote for Flexiant here.

SVC Awards Flexiant

The SVC Awards showcase the products, projects and services as well as honors companies and teams operating in the cloud, virtualization and storage sectors. The SVC Awards recognize the achievements of end-users, channel partners and vendors alike.

 Why should you vote for Flexiant?

Flexiant software was originally developed by hosting company XCalibre Communications for its own customers, specifically with the needs of service providers in mind. Our USP is that we are an out of the box orchestration solution that can be installed today with no army of consultants. We give customers the tools to meet the needs of their business and their customers. Don’t take our word for it; see what our customers say:

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5 Benefits of Cloud Management

Service providers are striving to find new ways to monetize their infrastructure, and cloud computing is the biggest opportunity in decades. Yet, many are failing to exploit the cloud because their infrastructures are unable to orchestrate the elements required to deliver network resources, computing and storage ‘on demand’. Virtualized server environments are notoriously admin-heavy and the elements of the cloud platform – network, servers, firewalls etc. all need to be configured independently.

Number 5-  Greenwich Photography

Cloud management software can help by managing all elements of a cloud platform; physical and virtual resources. It allows organizations to turn traditional hardware into a cloud platform by automating and streamlining the deployment while managing and provisioning those resources appropriately. This way, service providers get the most from their investments and exploit the growth opportunities of cloud services. The main benefits?

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