3 Tools Everyone in the Telco-Cloud Industry Should Be Using

Cloud Orchestration

If you are a telco in the cloud space or trying to get in it and make a big difference quick, here are three tools you need in your arsenal.

  1. Mature Cloud Management – If you are developing your own cloud management tool or experimenting with OpenStack to get a commercial offer to market – stop what you are doing! You are going to waste valuable time and money and in the meantime, your competitors are going to take over the market. Consider that globally a new telco service is now launched every working day of the year according to Ovum. If you wait, you’ll lose money – and that is a certainty. Don’t gamble on your cloud management tool. Instead, select a mature, well-tested and scalable solution.

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Commentary: Why MSPs Should Beware of Becoming a Software Company

Cloud management

Managed hosting and cloud computing service provider, Logicworks published a blog recently on why cloud MSPs are software companies. We asked our CTO Alex Bligh and VP of Product Marco Meinardi to comment on it. Here is Alex Bligh’s comments.
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

Cloud Services

To grow your business, cloud providers need to continuously innovate, introduce new services and offer features that make life easier. At Flexiant, we aim to arm you with the tools to find new ways to make it easier for you to run and monetize your cloud business, as well as to improve your customer’s experience of your services. As a result, however familiar you already are with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, you may not be aware of all it has to offer. Here are five things you may not already know that could be of interest.
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Should Telecom Operators Invest in Cloud Orchestration?

Telecom Operator

Telecom cloud service launched every working day of the year, according to Ovum research on Telcos in the Cloud. The research showed that most CSPs report annual cloud revenue growth in the 25%-30% range, however these cloud services often replace legacy offers, and so in the short term this substitution effect may mean zero growth or decline in some Telecom operators overall revenues. 
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Expert Advice for Service Providers Trying to Compete in Today’s Market

Expert Advice As part of our expert advice series, we asked some cloud industry experts to offer their advice for service providers trying to compete in today’s market. Here is what they had to say:

  • John Zanni, Senior Vice President of Cloud and Hosting Sales, Acronis

Focus on:

  • A good reputation – Make sure your datacenter has a good reputation. That you have great support with human contact 24/7. Have a phone number to call if you customer needs help or at least live chat It is their business at stake.

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