David Wright, CEO of SolidFire talks to Flexiant

Today we continue our series of blog posts from Cloud Expo Europe 2013. David Wright, Founder and CEO of SolidFire joined us to discuss the frustrations many cloud service providers have because of the inability to guarantee performance and how storage has traditionally been a best effort service. David discusses how SolidFire is helping cloud service providers build high performance clouds with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) and why its partnership with Flexiant offers a complete management of the SolidFire solution.

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Author of Cloudonomics Talks with Flexiant

In the fourth of a series of blogs to showcase our interviews at Cloud Expo Europe 2013, Joe Weinman, Senior Vice President of Telx discusses his involvement with the Flexiant debate on public versus private cloud and his book Cloudonomics.

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William Fellows of 451 Group talks to Flexiant

In the third of a series of blogs to showcase our interviews at Cloud Expo Europe 2013, William Fellows of 451 Group discusses why being able to differentiate in the market is key to being successful in the cloud space and how to achieve differentiation.

Watch what William Fellows has to say about 451 Group, his thoughts on Flexiant, Cloud Expo Europe 2013 and the forthcoming webinar on 26 February between William and Flexiant.

Richard Hall, Chief Executive of CloudOrigin Talks to Flexiant

In the second of a series of blogs resulting from interviews at Cloud Expo Europe 2013, Richard Hall, Chief Executive of CloudOrigin talks to Flexiant about the major drives for change within the cloud market.

Richard Hall, FBCS FIoD, Chief Executive founded CloudOrigin in 2009 to focus on the business impact of cloud computing in public and private sectors, as an independent, pragmatic source of strategy and advisory services on multi-billion dollar deals.  Richard is currently working with blue-chip brands around the world, venture capital, private equity firms and IT suppliers of all sizes.

Watch what Richard Hall has to say about CloudOrigin, his thoughts on Flexiant and Cloud Expo Europe 2013.


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ScienceLogic talks to Flexiant at Cloud Expo Europe 2013

At Cloud Expo Europe 2013, Flexiant took the opportunity to interview a number of industry analysts, partners and influencers to discuss what they do and how the cloud market is rapidly changing.

The first in a series of blogs to showcase these interviews is Antonio Piraino CTO of ScienceLogic. ScienceLogic is the award-winning developer of Smart IT™ software. The Company’s mission is to empower companies to visualize, automate, and modernize their IT operations, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness with the operational intelligence needed to run the business smarter. ScienceLogic provides unified monitoring and management solutions for modern IT environments – from the data center to public, private, and hybrid clouds – and deliver the scale, security, automation, and resiliency necessary to simplify the exponentially harder task of managing resources, services, and applications that are constantly in motion.

Watch what Antonio has to say about ScienceLogic and hear his thoughts on Flexiant and Cloud Expo Europe 2013

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