New White Paper: A Guide to Cloud Network Scalability

Cloud Network Scalability

Scalability is fundamental to cloud, but unfortunately not all cloud services are created equally. I previously authored a whitepaper “A Guide to Cloud Compute Scalability” to look at compute infrastructure to help service providers understanding issues and limitations regarding hardware, power, density, single vs. multi-tenancy, on-going management. Today, we release the next paper in our scalability series on scaling network resources.
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Public Cloud Providers Scale Up or Out? Part 2 

In part 1, we looked at scaling up as a strategy for public cloud service provider. Today, I’m discussing scaling out.

Scale Out Discussed

Any scale out strategy will seek to find a balance between scale-up and scale-out. For instance, if a total load requires two CPU cores rather than one, suggesting a scale-out strategy would probably not be appropriate. But going between one thousand and two thousand CPU cores will inevitably require scale out. Even in the latter case it is important to work out how to balance scale out and scale up – in other words one needs to determine how large each compute node is.
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Public Cloud Providers Scale Up or Out? Part 1

Should a public cloud service provider scale up or out? While each service provider needs to make that decision for itself, we define this as:

  • Vertical Scaling (Scale-up) – Generally refers to adding more processors and RAM, buying a more expensive and robust server.
  • Horizontal Scaling (Scale-out): Generally refers to adding more servers with less processors and RAM. This is usually cheaper overall and can scale much further (although we know that there are usually limits imposed by software or other attributes of an environment’s infrastructure).

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New White Paper: A Guide to Cloud Compute Scalability

Whitepaper Wednesday

Cloud Scalability: What is it?

Cloud equals scalability, right? Wrong. As public cloud consumption increases, so too does the demand for cloud service providers, however not all service providers are created equally or rather with the right infrastructure to scale in place.

To build and deliver successful cloud services, the ability to scale must underpin a service provider’s compute infrastructure, networking, storage and overall business. So what is scalability?

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