Flexiant Newsletter: Public Cloud Services Grow, Are Cloud Providers’ Opportunities Shrinking?

February newsletter

Public Cloud Services Grow, Are Cloud Providers’ Opportunities Shrinking?

AWS and Azure are leaders in cloud, more companies are moving to the public cloud, telcos want more of an opportunity and multi-cloud is a reality. There is a lot happening in the public cloud services market – does this mean more opportunity for cloud service providers or are these opportunities shrinking? This month we offer our take on these issues.

You can also read how some companies are making the most of multi-cloud with Flexiant Concerto.

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Launch an Apache Spark Cluster on Kubernetes in 3 Steps with Flexiant Concerto

Flexiant Concerto

We recently looked at how you can use Flexiant Concerto to get going with Kubernetes in three simple steps, bypassing the investment in time and effort that would otherwise be needed when doing this manually. In that post, we took the commonly used guestbook example as our use case.

Today we will look at how to do this for another, very valuable use case, namely Apache Spark, the open source big data processing framework that runs up to 100x faster than Hadoop.
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Why Care About Big Data and the Rise of Spark? [Webinar]

Cloud Webinar

The emergence of large scale Big Data projects continue to grow. This has fuelled the need to process Big Data faster and is accelerating the adoption of new approaches and technologies. One such technology exploding in 2015 is Apache Spark. According to IBM this is a crucial technology that will make it possible to quickly gain insights from data. This will produce extraordinary time and cost savings and will enable early adopters to thereby save time and spot opportunities in areas like sales and new product development at an unprecedented rate.
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