Open Source

Whilst Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is not itself an open source product, it utilizes a number of open source components. We have also contributed to several open source projects, and have open sourced a number of our tools and utilities.

Roll of honour

Obtaining the source code for open source componenents

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is based on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise, and unless otherwise indicated, the source of all open source components is available through Ubuntu’s source repository. On a Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator install, simply type:

$ apt-get source packagename

to retrieve the source.

There are a small number of open source packages distributed under the GPL licence which we have either patched, or used more recent versions than are supplied with Precise. To install the source for these, type:

$ aptitude install extility-gpl-source

You can find repositories for all GPL open source software that we have modified in more useable form at our GitHub site.

Save for the above, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator contains no modifications to open source components which operate under “copy left” licences (i.e.¬†ones requiring publication of the source code of modifications) save where such modifications have been contributed upstream to the project itself and/or to Ubuntu. It is Flexiant’s business practice, however, to publish all modifications to open source components, whether required by the licence or not; please see the open source section within our manual for further details.

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